Cyberbullying You're not alone

A group of friends who were trying to have fun. A teenager who was simply minding her own business. Chloe, a fifteen year old girl, became a victim of cyberbullying in just one day. She studied at EARJ and she felt comfortable that it was a safe environment for her. She had lots of friends that were really nice to her.

Online, the girls gossipped and said bad things of some people in class, but perhaps the worst victim of their cyberbullying was Chloe. They came up with horrible rumours about Chloe. She tried hard to ignore what the girls were saying about her, but it sounded too convincing to let go. In every sentence the girls posted, Chloe became less confident, and she grew more worried that the rumours online were true. At the end, she couldn't be convinced anymore because it truly hurt her feelings.

When asked to revive the moment that she saw the online post about her, Chloe said: "It was really hard to keep my chin up, and I think cyberbullying is absolutely ridiculous." This truly shines some light on the fact that cyberbullying is in fact ridiculous. With the coming of new technological advances, the internet creates much more space for anonymous bullying, especially for those who don't have the courage to face their victim. Cyberbullying is a new way to make people feel bad about themselves, with no one to blame.

Chloe still doesn't know who made the post about her, only that many other people at her school suffered from cyberbullying that same night. Anonymous posting protects the culprit and exposes the victim in ways that aren't fair to anyone. Hopefully the group of friends will come forward and admit what they did, but so far it remains unknown.

Cyberbullying is a really serious case. It should be a small amount of people that have to suffer by it. Although, that is not true. According to Cyberbullying Statistics over half of the teens have suffered cyberbullying.

This case has been becoming a really common things, even though it shouldn't be. There is a series on Netflix called "13 Reasons Why" that talks about a girls that killed herself for many reasons, including cyberbullying. This is a case that everyone knows about and most of the people don't do anything about it. Cyberbullying statistics also stated that: 1 in 10 adolescents tells their parent that they are a victim of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying should not be something common, it's serious, and it may hurt someone in a damaging way. If you are a cyberbullying victim, tell someone, it will make you feel better, and keep you from doing things you will regret. You are not alone.

Written by: Maria Eduarda Moraes


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