Senior Kindergarten @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

Feb 24-28

Thank you Miss Laura for reading to us! We love Misunderstood Shark books!
Say ratatouille!!
Look at those colors!
Check out that chopping and dicing!
More ratatouille prep
Ratatouille prep
We made a bubble classroom!
Parachute fun in PE class
Zig-zagging to 100
Follow the dotted line
Practicing skip counting in Math
Say ice-cream!!
Keep shaking
Shake, shake, shake
Can you guess what we are going to make with these ingredients?

Feb 17-21

Charlie and RJ in "You Never Had a Friend Like Me"
The Burke sisters doing the Charleston
Gus singing "I Got No Strings"
Thank you Miss Cara for coming in to read to us!
Talking about Good Fit Books for our book boxes
"If I tie it, it will fit better!"
Say lemon blueberry muffins!
Look at that streusel topping
Squeezing out the juice
zesting a lemon
Zesting a lemon
Cooking tools are multi-purpose
Topsy turvy
Random Act of Kindness Day
If you can be anything, be kind
Coloring kindness bookmarks
Collaborating with 3rd grade

SK visitng Preschool early in the week

Feb 10-14

Happy Valentine's Day from SK!
So much yumminess today!
Look at that loot!
Opening up our Valentines
"Powerful" and "Strong"
Hearts upon hearts
"Are you okay?"
Celebrating Valentine's Day with powerful words
Thank you Miss Brenda for reading to us!
Impromptu Reader's Theatre

Feb 3-7

Snow day fun!
We love the snow!
Angels in the snow
Slip sliding away
Thank you Miss Hollie for reading to us! We love the Bear books!
"This house has arms and legs!" -Adeline
Pour, pour, pour
"Charlie told me to close my eyes." -Julian
Line drawing
Challenge: Draw something using only straight lines
"We're making a pattern!"
Exploring capacity
Measuring using non-traditional tools
Enjoying our yummy and chocolatey granola bars
The finished product
"This is sticky!"
Measuring ingredients for our class made granola bars

Jan 27-31

The joy of open play
Ready, set, go!
"My car made it to the 39!"
Ramp explorations
Can you build a ramp?
Munching on some scrambled eggs
Enjoying the new provocations in our House center

Jan 20-24

Say pancakes!
Sparkle pancakes for the win!
Kneading some doughnut dough
"My hand gets bigger in the jar!"
Exploring capacity
Dumping and pouring
"It's magic!"
A helping hand can make any situation better
"Caleb is 59 blocks long!"
Carefully stacking upwards
"You are 26 feet tall!"
Loose parts measuring
Painting door decorations for our friends at Elmhurst for MLK Day of Service
Writing Valentine cards for "Hugs for Soldiers"
A special visit from DARE officers in training

Jan 13-17

Thank you Miss Karah for reading a story to us!
"They are equal!"
Weight comparing
Say CHEESE! Enjoying our homemade crackers
The finished product
Careful cutting
"Can you guys hold it down so I can cut?"
Rolling out the dough
Hands make the best mixing tool
Cutting up the butter
Measuring using a ruler
Measuring using non-traditional tools

FedEx Day

Building the longest bridge they can build!
How tall can we make a tower?
Victoria Falls
Great Wall of China
Great Egyptian Pyramids
Golden Gate Bridge
Eiffel Tower
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Jan 6-10

Happy Birthday Julian!
"Look at my face!"
"I'm working on my lips."
Self- portrait symmetry
Arms up!
Playground fun

Dec 16-20

Happy Holidays everyone!
Spreading holiday cheer
Snowman making in PE
Thank you Miss Nikki for reading a story to us!
Snowflake catching
Ring around the rosey, pocket full of posey
Careful concentration
Pinecone decoarating
Decorating the Buche de Noel in French

Dec 9-13

Post-show pose
Waiting for our turn
Pre-show penguin lineup
Enjoying a little picnic lunch prior to the holiday program
Sliding into the holidays
Happy Holidays from SK!
Finding the perfect spot
Spreading holiday cheer
Handmade ornaments for outside
Wreath-making for our outside decorations

Dec 2-6

School pride
"I drew a tree with a star on top." -Skylar
Designers hard at work
How can we add some holiday cheer to the shelter?
Visualizing an idea
Snowflake designing
Snowflake cutting
Exploration centers

Nov 18-22

A little Macarena dance party does a body good!
Practicing our table manners at lunch in our room
Cup, plate, fork, knife, spoon
Learning the fine art of table manners from Miss Paula
"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most." -John Ruskin
Block explorations
Happy Birthday Adeline! The ice cream was delicious!

Nov 11-15

Happy Birthday Camille!
Happy Birthday Jaxson!
Meeting the cast after the show
We had great seats for the show!
Checking out the cast of The Rainbow Fish
Patterns can be made with anything
Fruit Loop pattern making
Can you make a pattern with loose parts?
Pattern making in Math Centers

Oct 28-Nov 1

Happy Halloween from SK!
We Two Trick-or-Treat
Guest Reader, Miss Brenda
Happy Birthday Joe!
Digging for shark teeth
Playing the game Dino or Not
Dino stomping thru the SMART Centre

Oct 21-25

We touched dinosaur skin, teeth, claws and fossilized poop!
On our way!

Oct 14-18

We had so many special guests!
WCDS Grandparent's Day 2019
Completion of the SK Natural History Museum

Oct 7-11

Open explorations = new discoveries
"I can see something in there." -Ryder
Always examining and investigating
Sharing some special treasures from home
Molding and shaping
Who said dinosaurs have to be green?
Adding careful detail to a dinosaur
"You have to have tickets for the games." -Preston
Game creating
Phase 3 of the museum design

Sept 30-Oct 4

"Mine is a color museum." -Caleb
"I made mine glass so you can see in it." -Connor P.
Designing a natural history museum
Designing a natural history museum
Phase 2 of the museum design
Phase 1 of the museum design

Sept 23-27

SK dismissal on a Friday afternoon
Parker showing off his sharp teeth
Fossils are cool
"It smells like waffles!"
Skylar sharing her fossil
You can always find a friend at the playground
Carefully brushing away the dirt
Artifact cleaning
Scrub a dub

Sept 16-20

The SK Archeologists
Digging by the slide
Always remember your protective eyewear
"We found a dinosaur brain!"
Spooning away
Digging site #1
Filling in a 10 Frame
Counting one-to-one
Look at all of those scoops of ice cream!
Number writing
"I made the Pledge of Allegiance. Miss H is the kitty."
Comic funnies
Demonstrating 3 ways to read a book
Practicing Read to Self

Sept 9-13

Decoration making at the Art center
Happy Birthday Klaudia!
You never know what Daily Discovery will bring

Sept 2-6

Lemonade War Carnival
Lemonade War Carnival
Lemonade War Carnival
Go for the Golden Cup!
Letter Hunt around the room
"This part is spiky but the inside is smooth." -Zoe ( exploring a beechnut )
Careful attention to detail
Sorting and gluing found nature items
Happy Birthday Connor!
Name tracing
"I can see through this one." -Dylan
"Hammering" the parts into place
What's in a name?

Aug 26-30

Fabric and spools provocation
What can you make with spools and fabric?
Exploring in the Science center
Natural loose parts provocations
Swinging is fun!

Aug 19-23

Sensory table
Messaging center
Building a train city
House center
Exploring the log pile