Me,myself and I BY: Siu Feng

I am Siu Feng from 3 Brilliant and I like to listen to K-Pop bands such as: Twice, Blackpink and BTS and other K-Pop bands because they are popular and their songs is nice to listen and also when I am bored i like to play badminton. :)
People who are close to me is my family and friends because when I have difficulties they are always there for me and also help me when I am in need.
The things I enjoy is hanging out with my friends when I am bored and I like to chat with my friend in WhatsApp because when I have problem they can help me solve. My favourite subject is D and T and chinese and I hope I can do well in every subject.
My personal value are Respect and Trust because respect is important and if there is no respect people can make fun of you and trust is the most important because if you don't have trust on yourself you will not have enough confident.
In the future I hope to be a designer that designs stationery, toy and more because I have lots of creative designs and ideas. Ever since I've learnt D and T, I can teach others about it.
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Siu Feng Lee

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