When Bats Look for Meals Near Wind Power, Bats Die Article by JOHN SCHWARTZ

"Each turbine killed one to two bats each month on average, with some killing more than 60."
Summary of Article:

Researchers in Britain recently have discovered that the wind turbines they are using to generate energy is actually killing the bats in the area. Bats are drawn to these machines, either by the sound the machines produce or the fact that bugs are trapped in the wind blade's air movements, allowing the bats to have easy access to food. The bats fly into the blades and plunder to the ground, dead. Whatever the reason for them attracted to these machines, these bats are being killed by the huge propellers of the turbines. Researchers have concluded that wind power companies, although efficient, should take action to minimize the damage to bats.

"There are more than 300,000 wind turbines around the world."
Analysis of Article

This context is noteworthy because it raises awareness about how wind power is a good source of energy but it also isn’t benefitting everyone and everything. Although wind power is a clean fuel source and also is one of the most cost effective technologies used to get energy, these machines are actually hurting our environment in a different way. The bats being killed are vital to an ecosystem because they are needed to pollinate plants and consume pests like for example, mosquitoes. There needs to be more safety measures taken to these machines. Not only are bats being killed but birds too, plus habitats are being destroyed. The speed in which these turbines are spun can save many bat's lives. If the wind machines were in less windy areas causing them to spin slower, the bats would be at lesser risk. It is also important for the wind companies to understand bats better so they can adjust their plans.

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Since some bat corpses are hard to find, specially trained bat-sniffing dogs are used to sniff out the bat's bodies.
Big Takeaway

The big takeaway from this article is that people need to pay more attention to all risks an action can have. It really measures out what is more important to helping our environment. Do we want to risk hurting our bat population which could one day lead to extinction or do we want to stop using this cheap efficient way of getting energy and hurt our earth by burning fossil fuels? I chose this article because I always would drive past these many wind turbines when in car rides and they looked so easy and efficient. I of course heard that they caused issues with hurting animals but I never thought about how important it is to stop for a moment and balance what is important out. This article really bothered me because both getting energy this way and saving the bats are important. Hopefully they can find a way to get energy with wind turbines in a way that doesn't attract the bats to fly near the wind blades.

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