SGA Improvements

As SGA President, the first thing I want to do is form a committee to review the current budget process to make sure we are best serving our over 80 clubs on campus. Our current process is not particularly understood or well-liked, and I know if we work together we can find a way to follow budget guidelines while meeting club needs. I will also work with the Financial Controller to better educate club leadership about what they can budget for, so that the SGA funds are being used to really help clubs and organizations grow and be even more active than they are now.

A committee of students from different majors across fields of study will also be formed to work with the Secretary of Academics in order to better communicate majors’ needs and ideas to college administration.

Senate will also be given more of an opportunity to voice their concerns to college administration by debating and passing official legislation to be presented by the senate to the college President. President Landgraf has already spoken with me about being passionate about hearing student needs, and I believe this is an excellent way to utilize senators.

Mental Health and Public Safety

This is another area I am particularly passionate about, especially after my experience as Honor Board Chair. As president, I will ask senate to make Bystander Intervention an SGA initiative for the year, and by working with other college offices we can truly take advantage of our position as student leaders to make a positive impact in this area. I will continue to work on the task force I was able to formulate this year to review college policy surrounding substance abuse and advocate for even better resources and education for our students.


Something I have learned during my terms as former Secretary of Social Life and current Honor Board Chair is that the Chestertown community and the Washington College students are very much separated entities. In conjunction with mayor Cerino, I want to use my position as SGA President to create events that get students off campus and into town in order to invest in our community. Whether this means using ideas from previous meetings with the mayor to have a “Welcome Back to WAC” in Fountain Park with community leaders and business owners to build relationships between town and gown or creating service projects throughout the year to meet the needs of our town. Lastly, I want the SGA to work closely as mentors with the local high school student government and create service opportunities for the SGA members to invest in the next generation of leaders.


This part of my platform is very important to me, because after being in SGA for three years I have noticed that we have not done a great job in reaching out to International Students or Student Athletes who are often not present at senate. To begin better communication with these groups, I want to appoint a student as a point of contact for International Students under the Secretary of Diversity and another for Student Athletes under the Secretary of Social Life. I also want to provide more opportunities for the SGA as a whole to become more involved in International Orientation and continue looking for ways to support both groups and hear their ideas for campus improvement outside of senate.

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