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We all have the extraordinary coded within us waiting to be released. –Jean Houston

Are you a business owner, seasoned or newly launched, who wants more for your business & for yourself

SPARKLES™ may be just the thing for you...

What is it?

Because of SPARKLES, my life is better. I’ve had better jobs, relationships, I’m healthier – inside and out. - 2014 - 2019 SPARKLES participant

For the past 6 years, SPARKLES has been evolving. It started off as a 3 day retreat for women - mostly business owners - looking for an approach to work with goals for their businesses and their lives for the upcoming year. Later, we added monthly support for those who wanted it so they could stay on track throughout the year.

With these years of experience, we know what works and what doesn't and since 2018 we have been using a new model to support you at an even deeper level.

The Retreat

A 2+ day Retreat offers you the time and space to connect with your dreams and visions
What a treat to step out of the intense pace of life & join an extraordinary group of women & coaches to share experiences, create space for growth and map out a plan for a more fulfilling future. -Sparkles participant 2015

We know the power of a retreat - time & space dedicated to you and your dreams for your life and business. We will be offering the retreat again in 2020 - this time in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA, in a private vacation home close to the ocean and nature's brilliance. The retreat runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, January 10 - 12th. Lodging options are available or there are plenty of Airbnb options close by.

One-on-One Support & Unique Tools

Janette Valentino, Professional Certified Coach & Denise Elizabeth Byron, Visionary Strategist
Using SPARKLES tools helps me untangle the chaos that can appear and from there, live a more purposeful and passionate life. - 2014 -2019 SPARKLES participant

The SPARKLES Model includes:

  • Powerful support for step-by-step success with individual Monthly Coaching from Janette and Denise. Denise offers the big picture - the vision and suggestions for your focus throughout the year. Janette supports you in taking action to support your vision and focus.
  • With nearly 20 years experience working with business clients, along with her innovative expertise in Astrology, Numerology & Sensuous Wisdom™, Denise has developed unique & custom tools - Extensive Business Trend Analysis and Personal Fulfillment Profiles - to support & guide you and your business.
  • Through many years of coaching women navigating life's transitions, Janette has refined and developed a coaching process that supports you wherever you are on the journey. She has also created a line of products, The Mood Ladies, that support ultimate self-care and a process of exploring and nurturing all the parts of you.
  • You receive 1 session with Denise and 1 session with Janette each month. Each session is 45 minutes.
  • In addition to these coaching sessions, there is also an online coaching element available. This artful approach to change is called Dream, Create, Play and offers weekly modules to help keep you on track. Janette actively participates with you in the program, offering online coaching (feedback, additional questions) to support you throughout your SPARKLES year.
  • Both Denise & Janette also have extensive experience with the Enneagram and use this tool in the retreat and throughout the year to support you in a deeper level of personal development.

Mood Lady Products: Concepts & Stories to support you in exploring & honoring all the parts of you.

“MY” Mood Lady cards, daily and sometimes twice daily, always know just what I need to hear, see, and feel. I randomly draw a card and use the awareness and questions as a journaling tool or just to shift my thinking at any given time. They support me in being aware that I’m so much more than I often “think” I am and my new perspectives are endless! - SPARKLES participant 2014

A full business trend analysis

Monthly themes and questions allow you to connect with your business - what does it need from you each month? For example, is this the best time for partnerships, for new ventures, for focusing on revenue?

Using Denise's tools of astrology, numerology and Sensuous Wisdom™ has surprised me in some ways because I never understood how important it was to connect my sensuous wisdom/intuition with my heart and my head. Doing this has made all the difference to me. - 2014 - 2019 SPARKLES participant

Dream, Create, Play Online Program

This online program is available to you 24 hours a day, offering different concepts each month. In this way, you are supported throughout the month.

When I feel stressed, down or dull, I get in a funk. Dream Create Play is always there to support me. -2014 - 2019 SPARKLES participant

Sustaining Your Learning Journey

We know that our Retreats can be a powerful experience. And receiving coaching afterwards, if you choose that, can help maintain the momentum. We also know that life's challenges can make it difficult to connect with your dreams and intentions on a daily/weekly basis.

Staying connected is what our current SPARKLES model is about - a container and approach that allows you to experience sustainable well-being and growth throughout the year. Using a learning journey model to design SPARKLES means the goal, more than ever, is to give you the opportunities needed to change behaviors & routines so that 2020 SPARKLES will make a real impact on your business & life.


The monthly calls are always there - all I have to do is show up. I don’t have to be perfect or pretend I could do this on my own. - 2014 - 2019 SPARKLES participant

The women in the SPARKLES community are one of the program's biggest assets. There are those who have been in business for years and others who are just getting started. All of them are unique women making a difference in the world. The SPARKLES community includes:

  • Kaleidoscoping (that's the SPARKLES version of masterminding) during the retreat and on monthly support calls
  • Monthly 60 minute group coaching/support calls
  • The gift of acceptance and presence - when you show up being yourself, you are always supported

Your Options

  • 2020 SPARKLES Program, 12 months: includes 2+ day Retreat, 2 monthly coaching sessions, 1 monthly group call, online support for sustainability plus online coaching modules. Price: $375/month for 12 months, starting 12/1/19.
  • 2019 SPARKLES Program 6 months: includes 2+ day Retreat, 2 monthly coaching sessions, 1 monthly group call, online support for sustainability plus online coaching modules. Price: $425/month for 6 months, starting 12/1/19.
  • 2019 SPARKLES Retreat: 2+ day retreat in Santa Cruz CA. January 10th - 12th, 2020. Price: $775 ($1200 value) includes delicious meals and snacks. Lodging options available.

Next Steps

  • Payment 6 or 12 month SPARKLES program (including January 2020 Retreat): Payments begin December 1st, 2019 through November 2020. Invoiced monthly.
  • SPARKLES Retreat only: $400 by November 30th and remaining $375 by December 31st.


Questions or More Info?

Denise and Janette truly honor the commitment of money, time and energy a program like this takes. And they know, it needs to be a match on many levels. If you'd like to have a conversation with one or both of them to see if this is the right program for you, they will be happy to do that at any time. Email Janette or Email Denise here to set up an appointment or feel free to call directly.: Janette (559) 285-8020. Denise (541) 601-9096.

Running your business & your life creatively & consciously


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