Pencil Porter A COMPANION that holds your pencil/pen

The Product

The product I made was a Pencil Porter. It is a mini man made of a sheet of metal that holds you pencil or pen.

Safety: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The safety equipment I used were Ear Muffs so I could protect my ear from loud noised and to stop the cilia breaking in my ear to prevent damage. I also used an apron to protect my body from metal hurting my body when using tools like Aviation Snips. Lastly I also used Safety Glasses to protect myself from Eye Damage.

Safety Equipment Used

Two of My Most Safety Rules Were

Using an Apron to protect our body from metal hurting us and Safety Glasses so metal does not damage our eyes.

Tools and Machinery

Scribe: Marking Lines, Metal Rule: Measuring Lines, Engineers Square: Accurately Lining, Flat Bastard: Filing, Rubber Mallet: Hammering the metal, Rats Tail: Blunting, Punch: Marking Eyes, Ball-Pein Hammer: Hammering, Aviation Snips: Cutting,


Rubber Mallet

Rats Tail

Flat Bastard


Aviation Snips

Metal Rule

Engineers Square

Ball-Pein Mallet

What Was The Best Part About My Project

Using the scribe to rule lines on metal. Also using the punch to mark out the holes and cut it.

What Was The Worst Part About My Project

When I had to use the Aviation Snips to cut the Metal when the area that needed to be cut was difficult to react.

What Can I Do Next Time

I could be more careful and make sure that everything is perfect and it is not non-symmetrical.

Created By
Lithesh Manivelan


Photos from Google Images

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