Tsunamis are a massive natural threat to us. A few select Tsunamis have been especially terrible, with mass destruction and mass loss of life. I will be highlighting these and going into more detail on them in this page.



We've all been taught this in class already. The picture already explains how a tsunami is formed, but since you can't get enough of my wonderful voice, i'll read it out.


Tsunami Hot Spots / Frequent Occurrence

Here we have a perfect example of where Tsunamis generate. On the right side, We can see that there is a far higher risk of Tsunamis. The Pacific and Indian oceans are the worst places to form Tsunamis. We are in a low risk of Tsunamis, whereas right across from us is a high risk area. When a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean occurs, Ontario receives a Tsunami warning.


Examples of Tsunamis


Japanese Tsunami - March 2011

(Sorry it's muted, but you'll see some incredible footage.)

Well, probably the most famous of them all. The 2011 Japanese Tsunami was widespread all across the world and covered by media of all types, due to its 15, 891 deaths and 25 trillion dollars worth of damage. The footage above was captured on CCTV cameras, and shows the shocking moments as houses were swept away and water poured through the city streets. Also a boat goes down the street at 26 seconds in.


2004 Boxing Day Tsunami

Here's another example of a major Tsunami. It was still very terrifying to say the least. Some may not want to watch the video above, as it has some scary imagery. In this Indonesian Tsunami far more lives were lost with over 250, 000 deaths. (More Missing) The wave was also slightly more violent than the Japan one.


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