Medics suspended for gross misonduct medical professionals who misled their colleagues regarding the ebola virus have been suspended from practise.

In 2014, the Ebola virus took the world by storm, spreading its way from Africa to shake the very governments of MEDC's such as the UK and the US.

One such case was when Scottish nurse Pauline Cafferkey contracted the Ebola virus after volunteering in Sierra Leone to help treat the victims.

Upon landing at Heathrow on December 28th 2014, after a long stint in West Africa, Ms Cafferkey was officially diagnosed with the Ebola virus.

Luckily, however, she survived the virus and all its complications after a period of illness spanning months.

But what should've been a heartwarming story about overcoming tragedy, has now turned into a catfight between was-desperate medical professionals and the ethics code they decided to stray from.

Pauline Cafferkey was my friend and someone I cared about and was really worried she might die.

This is because Dr Hannah Ryan, another one of the volunteers from Sierra Leone, chose to ignore one of the warning signs of the Ebola virus, putting the mass public of the UK in a very precarious danger - as melodramatic as that sounds.

Having arrived back in England all volunteers from West Africa had to undergo a health check from Public Health England medics in order to determine whether they would be a health hazard to the general public.

Being medical practitioners Dr Ryan and Ms Cafferkey were entrusted with taking and recording their own temperatures, to help the PHE staff with the process.

Dr Ryan had taken Ms Cafferkey's temperature and got a reading of 38.2C - higher than normal and an indicator of the Ebola virus.

Yet a temperature one degrees lower, 37.2C, was actually recorded, with Ms Cafferkey then being allowed home.

A tribunal was told that Dr Ryan gave a "dishonest" response about her involvement.

Although the tribunal ruled that there were "extenuating circumstances" in terms of Dr Ryan's actions at Heathrow airport, her behaviour was deemed "deeply deplorable".

In November 2016, senior nurse Donna Wood was also suspended by the NMC (Nursing and midwifery council) for two months. As the panel found she'd suggested a lower temperature to be recorded on Ms Cafferkey's behalf.

Ms Cafferkey was cleared of any misconduct, after a panel ruled her judgement was impaired by her illness

By Scott Jones

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