The Culture of China by:Kelly l


Have you ever wondered what holidays you would celebrate if you were in China? In China Chinese people celebrate chinese new year. This holiday is so you could spend time with your family and happens only once a year.Also, there is a lion dance or a dragon dance and it happens on chinese new year.This holiday usually happens in january to february and the dates change every year and so does the animal .On chinese new year you would spend time with your family and eat and have fun.On this holiday every decoration would be red because red is the lucky color and kids would also help decorate the house on chinese new year.Also, on chinese new year adults would give kids 100 dollars to 200 dollars on this holiday in a red envelope.Another holiday is on June 1 it is a kids day and what you would do is make a show for the adults to see and you would get candy too and you would have no school.These are a few holidays they celebrate in china

Did you know red is known as the lucky color for chinese people?Red is used to bring good fortune and yellow is the emperor’s color.Have you ever wonder what you most likely would eat if you were in china? Most likely chinese would eat white rice or brown rice.brown rice is healthier than white rice and there is a famous type a food called hot pot .Hot pot is a famous northern fondue style meal that is a round a pot filled with boiling soup stock and there are variety of meats around the pot and you would dip the meat into the boiling broth and then you would cook your food this way.Also for dessert you would have bean paste mooncake. Did you know tea is the most important part of the chinese culture and any chinese meal is not complete without a cup of tea and the chinese introduced tea to the world?

Have you ever wondered what festivals you would celebrate in china?In china The dragon Boat festivals is celebrated in southern china.It was held to remember Qu Yuan.Qu Yaun ended his life by throwing himself into the Miluo river.On this holiday you would eat rice dumplings and sometimes you would even throw them in to the river! Did you know that Qu Yuan is known as china's first poet?Also they would have a boat race.Have you ever wondered what is believed to be good?Red is believed to be a lucky color because it is believed to scare the devils away.Also bamboo plant is believed to be lucky because it would bring you luck and money.

Do you know what games people would play in china?A popular chinese game in china is chinese checker,ping pong,chinese jump rope,chinese chess

and badminton.Also, in china and popular entertainment is ping pong,chess and acrobatics.Another popular entertainment is the dragon dance and this traditional event happens on chinese new year.


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