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I began my journey hoping I would learn to manage brands, or at least manage to brand myself. Along the way, I found my flexibility to be my greatest asset. In a day, a Strategist needs to be


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The tools I bring with me are not just sweet adobe spark skills and the ability to be flexible. One of my favorite tools that I bring is an ability to harbor an insane obsession. Whether its being fascinated by Data on Simmons, or quoting Spiderman Comics from the 60s, my weirdness tends to spill over retaining walls and into conversation like landslides in Granada. Below is a list of my favorite personal tools, in the form of my first creepy obsession, Topps 1980s Era Baseball Cards.


photo credit where photo credit is due: alexandre chambon

One of my favorite members of my new network is Brock Kirby, an impossibly talented writer of some of my favorite ads involving Lebron James and Sprite. Kirby spoke of getting his foot in the door anywhere, and working as hard as he could. In his case, it was with a Pharma Ad agency, and although he didn't enjoy it at the time, he is thankful for the years he spent learning to write there. This lesson tauht me not only to not be ashamed of working anywhere, but also to value my past experiences more. I am lucky enough to have worked with Adam Grossman, who has helped me cut my teeth on some inordinary and exciting projects. My two favorites were working with Dave Johnson of Techwalla to review the Sondors Thin Electric Bike, and with Garineh Magarian, to create the disgustingly realistic Alien Baby in a Watermelon Womb. Both Dave and Garineh were amicable and passionate, and these projects taught me a lot about the independent content creation industry.


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Taking my paralyzing fear of not knowing what I want to do within the ad industry and turning it into the flexibility of wanting to do everything has been annoying but somehow relieving. Although it feels overwhelming to love an industry so much without knowing my place in it, the best piece of wisdom I've heard is "All You Need Is Love."

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