Biome Title Here Where in the world are you?

Climate of the Forest in ____

Average Rainfall, Max, Min in inches preferrably

Average Temperature, Max, Min in Fahrenheit preferrably

How many different seasons do you have? Wet season? Dry Season? Everyone must have a climatogram like the one below for your specific biome.

Net Primary Productivity

Everyone should use the following chart for their biome. Use this space to talk about how yours compares to others, what latitude your biome is typically found in, and how diverse your biome typically is.

Soil Quality

Use this space to show how fertile your biome soil typically is and what it is mostly used for (farming, etc). Don't worry about getting to technical with soil types, just the fertility.

Invasive and Endangered

Create a glideshow of one or more invasives and one or more endangered species (Plant or Animal) in your biome and explain whether they are purposely or accidentally introduced invasive, and for the endangered write why and use the acronym HIPPCO to explain. Put this information on the picture!!

Invasive Zebra Mussels

Purpose or Accident? These mussels are originally from Russia and the Ukraine and were thought to have been accidentally transported to the Great Lakes from the ballast water of a transoceanic vessel. They are one of the most invasive organisms in this country.

other pics of invasives?


Which part of HIPPCO applies to it, and why it is endangered?

This Mountain Gorilla is found in the virunga highlands of Central Africa in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Republic of Congo. It is endangered because of Poaching (overharvesting in HIPPCO), War and Unrest (Population in HIPPCO), and because of habitat loss and fragmentation (H in HIPPCO).

Other pics of endangered

Animals in the biome

Create a glideshow like the example above of three of the most popular animals in your biome. Tell us about what traits/adaptations make them successful in this biome. Example: Snow leopards have large paws for grip on the mountain, and their tails are as long as their body for balance on the slopes.

Plants in the ____Biome

Create a glideshow for plants that cover the same things you put for animals. If you are a forest biome, make sure that two of your plants are trees! If you are a grassland, make sure that you show grass!

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