Sexual Exploitation by: Aaliyah H.

Sexual exploitation is a global problem, and affects over millions of young adults and children.

"Sex Exploitation definition

UN definition of sexual exploitation of children: The use of a child for sexual purposes in exchange for cash or in-kind favors between a customer, intermediary or agent and others who profit from the trade in children for these purposes-parent, family member, procurer, teacher."

Forced into sexual exploitation

Many women and young adults are forced into sexual exploitation. Some are kidnapped and forced into trafficking. While enslaved they lose their " right to dignity and security of person...", according to Also the right to be free from inhumane treatment. Many victims face life threatening medical issues because of this.

Many victims get sexually transmitted infections/diseases and pregnancies Being that their captors keep them away from a place they can escape from, they don't get the proper help they need. This can lead to unsafe abortions and other unsanitary things.

Women also cant get the proper legal help because they are not legal in this country.

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