How long does it take to find a cure? Hunter Nett

How long does it take to find a cure? there is not a exact time that we will find cancer but we were a lot farther then 5-10 years ago. this might take some time because there are more than 100 types of cancer, there are cancers that are more aggressive than others and there are ones that can kill you. We can find a cure to most of the cancers but theres ones that we dont know about so we dont know how to treat them

Will there ever be a cure? We all ready know that cancer is not a disease there is not just one single cure for cancer because there is different types of cancer and different ways to treat them. conman cancers like lung, colan, prostate and many more are treatable but the only thing is that you need to catch them in time (2-4 stages) because the other 2 stages are when the cancer spreads to other organs of the body .

There could be another way there might be another route to not cure cancer but make the chances very low. there is a gene called TP53 that protects your body to kill cells that are damaged and kills the cells that are certainty in a mutation.

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