CHAPTER 3 Turkey Time

We traveled 6,244mi to visit my family in Providence RI. It was a thanksgiving, a reunion, and a celebration of life to my grandparents who just recently passed away. I saw where my dad grew up for the first time, I visited the church where my parents were married. I watched my grandparents ashes blow from a fishing boat into the sea, along with a bottle of champagne, two donuts, and many kind words. I laughed and cried with my cousins.

It was a rare time to see one great cycle of life all at once. A childhood, a marriage, a life, passing, and an overarching theme of love, all in one room overlooking a Chatham, MA sound.




Avedon's look is uniquely characterized by a single figure that he has tried to capture in a moment where their soul comes leaping out of the photo -- movement that is totally crystalized. The figures in his photos are typically standing, and extremely clear.

In replicating Avedon's signature look, I think we were able to do a lot with the lighting equipment we had access too, but to really complete the look, we would have needed a larger overarching light to exaggerate Tyler's eyebrows, and to create more shadow. I was mostly able to recreate the shadows, sharpness, focused eyes and B&W image with photoshop, but met some limitations (i.e. the overhead light + Tyler is not wearing a suit). Overall, however, I think we did well in replicating the first stipulation of replicating Avedon's work -- by capturing a sort of movement and energy (in both eyes and in posture) of the subject.


What influenced you to pursue this project?

Two years ago I started TEDxLosGatosHighSchool, and invited one of my favorite people in the world to speak, Bob Baxley. Bob has been a veteran in the design field for a very long time. He's been a senior manager and director of design and product at companies like Apple and Pinterest.

Bob speaking

Bob instantly had me hooked on design. It's an extension of the reason I took digiphoto. Now, I want to try and mesh some of my passions into one large project.

Self-Reflective - Why is this your passion? What could you do differently? How did you manage your time thus far?

Even though I've grown up in the tech sector almost my entire life, when I look back at my family, I see a unique blend of artists and left brained thinkers. I think I've grown to see design as something that utilizes that artistry and combines it with that left brained thinking. I love that. Right now, if I could do anything differently, it would be to simply spend more time working on graphic design, and maybe even work on building wireframes for apps and exploring User Interface Design. I've spent time editing the photos I already have (and can't reproduce -- like spirit week photos, etc.), and setting up the graphic design template.

Tell me what your theme is.

I'm pursuing graphic design as my passion, and I'm building a brochure for the leadership class using the photos I've learned to take in digiphoto.

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