UCPS Virtual Academy Application Period - July 20 - 26

What is the UCPS Virtual Academy (Plan D)?

  • For families who prefer not to send their child to the school building in the fall, UCPS is offering a full-time virtual option for students in grades 2-12.
  • Instruction will be by provided a teacher at your assigned school or a school in your cluster.
  • Students in the Virtual Academy will have flexibility to work at their own pace and schedule over the course of the day.
  • Daily schedules will consist of both live and recorded instructional sessions.
  • Social and emotional wellness support will be provided.
  • UCPS will provide a Chromebook for students in grades 2-12 for instruction.


  • Students will remain enrolled at their current school.
  • Special Education services and support will be provided by qualified teachers and related service providers.
  • Students will continue to receive services through their assigned school. These services include, but are not limited to EC, ESL, AIG, Intervention and 504 plans.
  • Students will be permitted to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, including athletics at their assigned school.
  • Note: Courses delivered through the Virtual Academy are not NCAA Clearinghouse approved at this time; therefore, these courses would not count toward collegiate eligibility for potential college athletes. For more information about NCAA eligibility, contact your high school counselor.


  • Students will experience the UCPS instructional program through an online format.
  • Instruction will be standards-aligned and focused on ensuring student mastery.
  • Students will have flexibility to work at their own pace and schedule over the course of the day.
  • Learning opportunities will include both live and on-demand instructional sessions.
  • Students will be assigned to a teacher from their school or in their cluster/region.
  • Attendance will be captured through PowerSchool each day.


  • Grading structures will be consistent with in-person and blended instruction models.
  • Any specialized services (Special Education, 504 plans, ESL and Intervention) will be implemented by staff at the student's current school to provide continuity of service from the previous school year.
  • Teachers will collaborate with other staff members to align instructional practices and expectations.
  • Students who choose the Virtual Academy may need to adjust special/elective schedule choices. It will not be feasible to offer all elective programs in a fully online environment.
  • Students will access course materials through Canvas. Print materials will not be available for students enrolled in the Virtual Academy.
  • Students will have access to media services and technology assistance through the Student Help Desk.

How do I apply for the Virtual Academy?

  • Applications will be accepted via Scribbles, the UCPS portal for enrollment and transfers.
  • To access Scribbles, visit https://ucpsncc.scriborder.com/ or visit the UCPS website and click on I Want To -- Apply for UCPS Virtual Academy.
  • The application period runs July 20 through July 26 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Parents who do not enroll their child during the application period should speak with school's principal about additional options.