The Northwest 5A By 5a's Gage, Lia and Lilly Mae

The States in the Northwest are Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming
The average yearly temperature is 58°F
The average yearly precipitation is 38.15 inches
The climate in the spring is warm
The climate in the summer is cool, dry and sunny
The climate in the Fall is mildly warm
The climate in the Winter is cold and wet
Climatologists determine the climate by taking 30 years worth of temperature and precipitation records, and find the average of both to find their answer
Temperatures for Winter Break in Seattle, Washington
Temperature graph for Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington
The common weather is fog, long drizzles, occasional flooding and snow
A historic weather event in the Northwest's history is that they had three tornadoes in the past
A historic natural disaster in the Nothwest's history was a Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980
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