The One and Only Ivan Author: Katherine Applegate By: jasmine simth

WHO? Ivan, a mild Silver back gorilla, is the main character in the story. Stella, an old and wise elephant, loves to mother Ruby, a young and kindhearted elephant. Bob is a small and stealthy dog. Mack owns Ivan, Stella, and Ruby. Julia is a young artist that loves to hang out with the animals and George is Julia's dad and the janitor of the mall.

WHAT? This is a fictional story about a talking gorilla named Ivan who lives in a small cage at a shopping mall. Ivan has gotten used to humans watching him through the glass of his domain. He rarely misses life in the jungle, in fact he never really thinks about it at all. Then Ivan meets a young elephant named Ruby. Just as she approaches the cage, Stella begins to mother her.

WHEN? This story takes place in modern times, because they live in a shopping and because there is electricity. Ivan cannot tell which season it is because the only view of the outside world is a small skylight.

WHERE? Ivan rarely thinks about his life in the jungle. He remembers his early life in Mack's home, in diapers and living a human life. The story mostly takes place on Exit 8 at Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. He used to spend his life in a glass walled domain. Now he lives in a spacious zoo exhibit living a happy life.

WHY? Mack, the owner of the animals, chose to put them on display, because he wanted to earn some money. He also lets Ivan draw, then sells the drawings. Stella and Ruby stand on a stool, on their hind legs. Once they have wowed the crowd, a dog named Snickers climbs on their heads. People come to see the elephants perform, which of course, gives Mack more money. Also, Ivan wants Ruby to have a better life than inside a small cage, so he draws a picture of her at a zoo which causes more people to see the animals at the mall, which causes an inspector to visit the mall.

FAVORITE PARTS? One of my favorite parts in on page 248, when Julia draws a beautiful picture. The picture is about Ivan and Ruby, along with other elephants and gorillas, and all have smiles on their faces. Another one of my favorite parts is when Ivan and Ruby arrive at the zoo and both become very happy with their new life.


Created with images by Pixel-mixer - "gorilla silverback grim" • Sponchia - "elephant ivory animals" • hermaion - "dog yorkshire small dog" • Amandad - "elephant tusk ivory"

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