Pitch For Your Project Case study #2

Thornwell Youth Group

This project is a great example of how agencies coming together with the same passion and interest on improving community provisions can really make a difference and one that Monmouthshire Housing is very excited about.

Monmouthshire youth service, who work with young people of nine years and up through a variety of methods and in ways that best suit the needs of the young people, have teamed up with Thornwell Community Group and have come up with an exciting new venture for young people in the Thornwell and Bulwark area of Chepstow.

After both groups had noticed a surge in anti-social behaviour in the area, with drug paraphernalia found around the site and young people reporting that they had nothing meaningful to engage their time in they began to work together and came up with the idea of a Friday night youth provision.

The youth group will take the shape of a safe place for young people, where they could socialise with peers, and build relationships with professionals, including: youth services, sports teams, police, housing and health. It is also somewhere they can engage in structured physical activities on a weekly basis. There will also be much more on offer but the dedicated sports coaches wish to consult with the young residents in the area first so that they can have ownership of the provision and what they want in it.

This is where Pitch for Your Project came in as although they had dedicated, passionate staff and volunteers and a suitable venue in Thornwell Pavilion, they lacked funds for equipment. So as a result of a successful pitch they have been awarded monies for indoor equipment and flood lights for the pitch outside so that even in the darker nights young people can be engaged in physical activities on the field. This model is already set up in different areas across the borough and has been a great success.

Although currently all youth provisions are postponed to keep everyone safe, behind the scenes the two agencies are working together so that as soon as it is safe to do so the youth club can open and provide the young people of the area an excellent provision where they will work with passionate and experienced workers and are being given an opportunity to take ownership of their community, reduce Anti-Social Behaviour, to be viewed by other community members in a positive manner and provided with a platform to express their views on provision and their community, to enable us to achieve a positive change in the area.

Quote from Alison on tenant on the panel

I really liked this application as it seemed as though this group just wanted to do something to keep the youth busy and happy and not for profit, as such a lot of the other applicants seemed to be.

Quote from Rory Community Group Member

As a club and community group we are delighted to be strengthening our links with MHA and local youth services. As members of the community ourselves and users of community facilities locally we are keen to broaden the offer to young people in the area, particularly in light of limited youth provisions and safe ‘youth focused’ space for young people in Chepstow. We hope the development of youth services in Thornwell will act as a catalyst for further universal and targeted youth support, encouraging participation in both sport and community activities. Thank you MHA for the chance o make this a possibility.

Do you have a project that will bring the community together and benefit MHA tenants but need some funding to get it off the ground then contact Clare on 01495 745749 or clare.evans@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk