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Should You Major in Public Administration?

Public Administration is for people who want to serve their communities. Our graduates help solve some of the most important and pressing problems of the day including the growth of cities, provision of social services, environmental sustainability, and management of emergency services.

Public Administration is concerned with the role played by public employees in policy-making, planning, personnel management, taxation and finance, and in responding to the needs and problems of communities and the nation. Government and nonprofit organizations are always looking for creative and innovative talent, and in our program you will have the opportunity learn the theories of public administration while cultivating the skills that you'll need to make you a more effective public sector leader.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Public Administration?

Public Administration is an applied degree within a liberal arts setting aimed at people who wish to work in government and non-profit organizations. Students learn a mix of skills in management, policy and politics that are useful in a wide variety of jobs. The program is of particular relevance to those who intend to work in the public sector and to those who intend to work in the rapidly growing field of nonprofit organizations.

Learn More About a Degree in Public Administration

We encourage you to learn more, and find out if a degree in Public Administration is right for you! Visit our website or call to speak to an adviser who can answer all of your questions, and help lead you down the right path.

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Alumni Feature

Kaylee Duff

Director of Development, Caterina's Club

"Public Administration was the perfect route for someone interested in serving the public"

Kaylee knew from an early age that she wanted to study something that would combine her interests in Political Science and nonprofit work but, unsure of what discipline would most effectively do just that, she came to CSUF initially as a communications major.

Luckily, while talking with a mentor, she was advised to do something “more specific,” prompting Kaylee to explore and compare a few different options to determine what truly was the best path for her. In doing so, she found her new major. “Public Administration was the perfect route for someone interested in serving the public” She explains, “I soon learned that to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to be a community leader, I needed a degree in Public Administration, and from the best program in the west coast.”

While in school, Kaylee was working as an Administrative Assistant for Catarina’s Club, a non-profit that provides housing and food to homeless families in the city of Anaheim. Utilizing the skills and knowledge she was acquiring in the Public Administration Program, she was promoted to Program Director, where she would gain experience developing new programs, writing grants, and managing a small staff.

After earning her B.A. Kaylee was promoted again - this time to Director of Development, where she is currently responsible for managing and securing an operating budget of over 1 million dollars.

Kaylee’s advice to potential students – “If you aspire to be a community leader whether it is serving on your city's council, starting your own non-profit, or being a City Manager- the Public Administration program is for you.” She would also encourage students to take advantage of the course offerings available to students within the program, specifically citing courses like “Journey in Advocacy”, in which students travel to Sacramento and learn how to effectively advocate for issues that they are passionate about. Kaylee says “those experiences have contributed significantly to my career accomplishments.”

Alin Buna

Administrative Manager, Social Services Agency

“This is a fantastic program for those who have a desire to work in the public sector and make a positive change in their communities."

Since he was a teenager, Alin had always known that he wanted to eventually have a career in which he could make a positive change in his community. As he grew older he began to understand the importance of having dedicated public servants, and by the time he reached college, choosing to major in Public Administration seemed like a natural fit.

Alin believes that his degree has definitely helped him build a career in the public sector, stating, “The program is so valuable because it combines theory in the class room with practical experience through the internship class.” Alin is a big proponent of internship classes, claiming that he would not be where he is today if not for his internship class.

While a student, he interned and established a relationship with the county of Orange. Today he is an Administrative Manager for the Social Services Agency – a department that serves one in three residents of the county.

Alin’s advice for students is simple – “get involved not only in the classroom, but also take advantage of the internship, Pi Alpha Alpha Public Administration Honor Society, guest speakers and any networking opportunities.”

Finally, Alin says “I think this is a fantastic program for those who have a desire to work in the public sector and make a positive change in their communities… The value of our program is proved by the many CSUF graduates that work in the public sector.”

Contact Information

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  • phone: 657 278 3521

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