BSD Battleship project By: Austin Reed, Eddie Templton, Jordan Johnson, Adam Puyear

In this project me and my peers were challenged with building a cannon out of wood and PVC that shoots a small tennis ball a certain distance and rotate on a axis. To go more in depth with the rules, guidelines, and challenge you can click on the link below. We started this project with open minds and open horizons open for change and help from other class mates and from the teacher himself.


Our first challenge of this project was getting to know code and how to program. In my experience i didn't really do a good job with it but I got it done. I don't have a perfect understanding of it but my peers were here to help me.

This is just a basic code that turns LED lights on and off at certain intervals.

Me and my group worked on these Arduino challenges very hard. Our group completed all the circuit and coding challenges. I had videos of them all at one point and Mr. Twilley graded it and i deleted them thinking i wouldn't need them after this. I think i have them somewhere but until i find it their will not be a button linking you to those videos.

Cannon support and assembly

After Ardiuno me and my group started brainstorming ideas to keep the barrels of the cannon straight when shooting. We ended doing a basic normal and but smaller and compact. We could of thought of something better but the deadline was coming up.

OnShape Design
Physical Model

When we printed this up it was sort of a test. This design printed out small for some reason. We re-made the design from scratch and this time it printed out to scale and to our liking. We basically printed two of these design's out, one will be placed near the base of the cannon and one will be placed near the top of the design.

Final design

This is the final and working design. In my opinion its very sturdy, compact and simple. If i could change one thing about this I would wanna make it seem less like a box if that makes sense. I would wanna make it like smaller towards the middle to save material. This design was different in small ways from the other in my opinion. I think if we tried doing anything different and more creative it would be less effective with keeping the cannon barrels from moving.

cannon base design

So at this part of the project it just became procrastination, i don't know why our group lost intrest. We made the worst base design and it barely even rotated, we waited until the deadline basically to print and make up some way for it to rotated but ended up being so horrible. I wish i could go back and re-do this part of the project because this is probably what failed me.

Finished project


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