LED Wristband By: Dennis Pratt

In class we made LED Wristbands. My wristband had my initials with an LED light attached to the D. The way it works is the battery is placed on the far left side. It is then anchored and cross stitched to the LED light. If you anchor the positive side of the battery first, then the sitches to the LED but also be on the positive side. When the positive is finished, cut the conductive thread and knot it and then start a new piece to connect the negatives. Make sure everything is sewn correctly and smoothly. Below is my circuit diagram.

The LED Wristband worked in the end mostly because I follow my diagram.


Some tips to follow to make sure you complete the wristband correctly would be

- Small and close sitches

-Placing the battery in the correct way

-positive to positive, negative to negative


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