Agroforestry Samiyah

What is agroforestry?

Agroforestry is the cultivation(to prepare and work on land) and conservation of trees. It is purposely integrating trees and shrubs into animal and farming systems to enhance the economy. Agroforestry comes with environmental and social benefits.

How widely is the practice implemented in both the U.S and around the world?

It is widely used in the U.S. b

What are advantages and disadvantages of Agroforestry?

Advantages- help stop soil erosion, helps minimize chemical nutrients and fertilizer, reducing runoff water, and reducing the chemicals in runoff water. It also protects crops from wind damage.

Disadvantages- it isn't a quick fix and the technology might fail if applied to the wrong situation.

If its popular, then why? If its not popular, what is stopping it from being popular.

Agroforestry is not so popular because it takes a long time for the trees to grow.

What are some practical examples or ways in which it is implemented?

There is Intentional, Intensive, Interactive, and Integrated.

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