The Death Penalty By: PArker hilL

There are around 3000 inmates on death row currently. Espionage, treason, some degrees of murder and forms of terrorism are capital crimes that will put you on death row.

There are 32 states that still enforce the death penalty. These 32 states have shown to have a lower crime rate then the remaining states.

There are 5 ways the death penalty can be enforced. Lethal injection, electrocution, hanging, gas chamber and firing squad. It is the inmates choice on which option he/she desires.

There have been alternatives that have been implemented in 18 states. Life imprisonment without chance of parole, Life imprisonment with a chance of parole but it is not guaranteed, and then life on parole. We need to go back to following they "eye for eye" mentality. With these alternatives criminals will feel as if they have gotten away with their capital crime.


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