Cyber Bullying by:MAGGIe Rupert

Cyber Bullying is the act of being bullied over the internet. It is not a joke and is a very serious issue in the USA. Throughout the years, cyber bullying has become more common. Read through for statistics, information and resolutions for your children.

As you can see in the picture above, cyber bullying has gotten more and more common. According to this chart, in 2016, there were more people bullying people online than in person. A reason for this could be because of the increase in technology and many more kids are beginning to get more and more social media accounts.

The suicide rate for cyber bullying has increased a lot since 2000

Real Life Story: 14 year old girl who lived in England was getting bullied on a social media cite called People on this site were taunting her, calling her ugly names, making fun of her weight and making fun of a death in her family. allows people to post things autonomously. the bullies online were telling her to drink bleach and cut herself, basically telling her to kill herself. she ended up hanging herself in her bedroom.

Although i have never experienced cyber bullying, I think that it is a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

You are looking for ways to know if your child is being bullied in any way here are a few recommendations... 1 way would be to go through their texts and apps. 2 would be look for a change in behavior.

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