Pasture Valley Newsletter September - October 2017

Hebrews 10: 36 “ You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God you will receive what He has promised. “


There is one thing the boys love to do. Go fishing! It could be a really bad day of fishing with no bites, but they will still be happy and enjoy the day out. This time the boys managed to catch a few fish and there were smiles all around!


One of our boys was sent to represent his school team in a Robotics competition in Mbabane. Forty three schools competed. We were very happy to see him return with a medal around his neck for coming among the top ten schools in the competition. All the planning had been worth it!


Pasture Valley has a number of children with albino pigmentation on the child support programme. My attention has been drawn to the daily difficulties these children have to endure. Not only do they need to be careful of harsh sunlight on their skins, but their sight is also sometimes affected. We have tried to help with letter enlarging rulers and eye glasses for some children. We recently received a report that another child needed some medical care. She had been beaten at school and because her skin is so sensitive, it split open and she had bleeding wounds. We are ensuring that she gets to a hospital for care as her family cannot afford to take her to the hospital. At the same time we received a call from Social Welfare requesting us to help with the protection of a young mother who has an albino baby. Due to the belief that the body parts of an albino child can give you certain “powers”, albino children are often under danger of being abducted. We are making plans for a safe place for this beautiful baby whose name means “Give thanks to the Lord”. Please join us in praying for the protection of these children and that they will be loved.


The picture says it all. Dress up is lots of fun and there are all sorts of outfits to try on. The pre-schoolers enjoy this time and then settle down to story time afterwards.


We are continued to be amazed at how the film is being used in wonderful ways. As of 12 December the film will be available on the Apple Store and Amazon and so can reach more people to testify to God’s faithfulness to us.


“Every time I come to Pasture Valley I am so happy because I never leave without learning something” . These are the words of a technician from the University of Swaziland. I am currently mentoring an MSc. student who is doing his thesis on the tissue culture of medicinal plants. So many plants are on the critically rare list as herbalists harvest them for medicinal purposes. It gives me great joy to work and mentor the student to help save these plants and propagate them.

I was also asked to mentor a young adult group of students from Ambassadors of Hope who are undergoing discipleship training in Nhlangano. So many young adults go astray and try to find love and happiness in the wrong places with drugs and drink. It was wonderful sharing testimonies with this group and encouraging one another in ministry


Princess and I drove over 3 dried up river beds and we were shocked at how dry everything was as we headed to Mbava. We were greeted by the children at the Anglican Pre-school and were happy to see the structure that was sponsored by Pasture Valley in full use as a cooking facility to provide daily meals to the children. Some of the children in the area also arrived to collect their new school clothes and shoes and it was wonderful to speak with the children, pray and worship with them. We are grateful to our sponsors for providing for the food and clothes for them and we hope to continue to support this community


Pasture Valley hosted a training session for approximately 35 candidates on early detection of childhood cancer which was presented by CHOC from South Africa and sponsored by All4Jesus. We hope that the early detection of cancer may help to save a life in the future.


...is nearly finished. All it needs now are some doors, electricity fittings and some paint!


  • Gratefulness for God’s provision
  • Continued prayer for Happiness as she continues her chemotherapy and that she will have the strength to deal with the after effects of the treatment since she has completed her 8th treatment
  • For all the children who are writing exams
  • For all the building projects at Pasture Valley as we start to build the basketball court
  • For the upcoming Christmas function for over 200 children on the 2nd of December and that all the preparations will go well
  • For the Ekuthuleni Growing Faith preschool graduation on the 28th of November
  • For the ISOM (International School of Ministry) graduates as they graduate on the 16th of November at Pasture Valley and that the pastors will be blessed
  • For the carpentry training planning for the holiday break and the setting up of the carpentry workshop
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