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archean is a time that lasted intill 4 billion years till about 450000000 years ago it has stopped and went on to the next era there were on cell creatures swimming around and eating smaller organisms that developed humanoids to be come a human.
the paleozoic era was about 542 millon years ago the earth change alot during this time orginisims started to pop up ilke crazy
medzoc this peroid was the most inportt it had a huge inpact on all of the earth
the paleozoic era was the most cusal peroid of the eath amazing thing's happend and mojordy of it was unknown of what exactly happend but the beats started to pop up like crazy like never seen before on this earth
The mesozoic era was filled with beast like dinosaurs alligators birds, transorusrex, raptors, volsrators and other dinosaurs and triassic and jurassic periods happens.
cenozoic era was filled with amazing changes to the earth that will be remember as an amazing era the era took place 67 Million years ago and it was a while till were we are right now and not long after the event took place the the moment were humans were developing
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Luke Aloi


Created with images by skeeze - "world earth planet" • James St. John - "Isotelus maximus fossil trilobite with healed bite mark (Flat Run Trilobite Lagerstatte, Arnheim Formation, Upper Ordovician; Flat Run Quarry, far-southwestern Highland County, southwestern Ohio, USA) 2" • James St. John - "End-Pleistocene large pothole in tholeiitic basalt (Clam Falls Volcanics, Mesoproterozoic, ~1.1 Ga; Bake Oven Pothole, Interstate State Park, Taylors Falls, Minnesota, USA) 11" • James St. John - "Hormotoma internal mold in limestone (Galena Formation, Ordovician; eastern Iowa, USA)" • BioDivLibrary - "n90_w1150" • James St. John - "Old Faithful Geyser erupting (2 September 2005) 5"

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