Meet the Teacher Get to know the new staff at Legacy this year

Jimmy Alcorn, Assistant Principal

"The pandemic creates a dynamically shifting landscape of district needed positions and how to respond as quickly as possible to filling those needed positions. The awesome Principal, Dr. Butler, the administrators, and teaching staff have received me warmly and been very supportive as I better understand my roles and responsibilities and culture here at " The Great legacy high School."

Leslie Barton, SPED

"My biggest challenge is that I’m not able to get to know my students. I’m very much a people person and getting to know the students I work with first hand is a huge priority for me. Everyone at Legacy has been very welcoming! People don’t hesitate to assist you in whatever you may need. I can see myself staying here until I’m ready to retire and hang up my ID! Loving Legacy!"

Nyah Buckrham, SPED

"I am an alumna of Legacy class of '17. It's been wonderful returning as a Bronco and now a member of staff. I'm finding all my favorite teachers, coaches and administrators are still very supportive of me in my new role. With all things considered, it's still looking like the start to an awesome year."

Madison Carrier, Geometry and Pre-AP Geometry

"The greatest challenge for me has been trying to get the names of my students and their face/voices memorized! I love building relationships with students, and I must work much harder through the virtual instruction to be able to connect and get to know them. I have been putting in the work though, and hopefully I will be able to know everyone a little better because of it!"

Kyla Cummings, M.Ed, Astronomy

"The greatest challenge for me, personally, has been moving. My husband and I just relocated from Oklahoma, so that stress coupled with learning how to teach virtually has been difficult! Legacy has been great! Everyone has been very welcoming and I'm excited to be a Bronco!"

Jamie Dorsett, AVID 9th & 12th, English II, AVID Site Coordinator

"My time at Legacy has been brief, but not. I began my career here at LHS in 2012. I left for a short time (5 years) and have so very happily returned "home." I consider myself an oldie AND a newbie. Some faces have changed over the years, but MANY of them have remained and I have missed them dearly. Dorothy said it best, "There's no place like home". I am so grateful to be back and involved as a member of Bronco Nation."

Glenda Fernando, M.Ed, Math Educator

"My concern is the uncertainty of what this academic year is going entail. I think it adds stress to teachers and students alike. This year is not normal but I am just telling myself to do my best every day. Truly, that is all I can do. I try to just look at each day and try not to speculate the future in hopes to reduce my anxiety about the uncertainty of this year."

Kassey Newton, MS, ATC, LAT, Athletic Trainer

"My biggest concern for this year is not knowing if we will be able to stay in person once we finally start. Adjusting to the different ways of interacting with students and everything being online has been challenging."

Adreanna Nichols, SPED

"My biggest concern this year is the students. When the pandemic started I was in my last semester of college, so I understand how hard that transition was and how sad it was that it was to miss out on things. Life is so short and the milestones that happen when you’re in high school are memories that last a lifetime and I hate that things are so different and that students are missing out. Also academically things are crazy, I don’t know about every student, but I know that I personally found it harder to focus when classes were online so I hope that students are able to thrive regardless of if school is in person or virtual."

Emily Wahl, Biology

"​The greatest challenge is getting to know other teachers and staff. It's hard to introduce yourself when you must socially distance and cover your face with a mask. My biggest concern is being able to successfully complete labs while following social distance rules, [but] ​my time at Legacy has been great! I am excited to be here!"

Cody Weiss, English II and AP Language and Composition

"What’s lucky for me is that I came from Lake Ridge, so it wasn’t a huge change—the building is designed exactly the same. My personal concern is coming back in-person. I would hope my current students could vouch that I absolutely love my job—my former ones could tell you in a heartbeat! Teaching is fun to me, and I miss seeing kids’ faces. But—I’m nervous about being in a building with lots of kids, then having a room with 25+ for 90 minutes. I know Dr. Butler and the Legacy Admin are working their hardest to alleviate these fears, though."

Michael Zierlein, Social Studies

"I would say by far the toughest thing is using and implementing the new technology required to tech virtually. Teaching an old dog new tricks is sometimes difficult but I have been getting a ton of help from several different people so it has been going well. The biggest concern has always been the well being of the students but it is amplified during this time. Making sure we get in a routine and staying in the routine to keep everyone safe is the most important thing right now."

Alicia Waits, SPED

"I miss seeing people smile, [but] everyone has been very welcoming and willing to teach me the ins and outs of the campus. [My biggest concern is] having to shut down again."

Diana Guerrero, Algebra I

"My biggest challenge has been learning a new system of things (such as skyward) after having used a different system for years. So maneauvering through that, along with remote teaching has been a challenga. Also, having to come in and just stick to my room with little to no interaction/getting to really know the campus has been challenging as well. I've been exhausted, but I attribute that to remote teaching since I feel like I would feel that way anywhere - even if I had remained at my previous campus."

Courtney Beene, AP English IV and English I

"I can sum my experience up into one word: Home. I feel so welcomed by everyone despite the lack of face-to-face interaction. I have not come across one person who has not spoken highly of the faculty and staff. It has been comforting to be welcomed the way I have been, even if it has been at 6 feet apart. My students have given me life in this new position here at Legacy, and I am grateful that they are so supportive and understanding of not just myself but other teachers who are working to make at least one aspect of life begin to move forward."

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