199 the story of pick 199

At Serra High School, a school close to Santa Clara CA, is where his story began when he was not deemed good enough to play a single down until his senior year of high school. He had good enough numbers to get the attention of a few major Schools, which he then chose the University of Michigan, but when he arrived he was just the 7th quarterback in the depth chart.
By his sophomore year at Michigan, he was pushing senior starting quarterback, Brian Grease for the starting job. He ended up having to wait until his junior year to start because his coaches thing was always that the tie goes to the upperclassmen. During his junior year he put up below average numbers but he had 10 wins and also had incredible performances when it mattered most.
His Senior the tie didn't automatically go to the upperclassmen like it had previous years ago with him and the senior at the time. This time a new talented recruit entering his junior year was threatening to take over his job. Drew Henson was more athletic, had a better arm, and basically better all around than him. Coach Carr couldn't name a starter so for the 1st couple of games Carr juggled between quarterbacks, until when they faced Michigan State, and Henson struggled early on before he was put back in and asked to climb out of the deficit. He threw for 200 plus yards in the 4th quarter alone and nearly brought his team back. The following week he had a 300 yard game and the quarterback competition was over.
Wolverine's #10 took his team to the Orange Bowl where he had one of the greatest performances in that bowl ever as he defeated Alabama in an overtime thriller 35-34. You would think that his heroics in the Orange Bowl would get pro scouts attention in the upcoming NFL draft, but it didn't happen that way,.
The 1st round came along, then the 2nd, he had been led to believe that he was probably gonna land in the 3rd round possibly 2nd, but instead he had to wait for his name to be called until the middle of the 6th round. He was the 199th person to be called. No one really wanted him or saw much in him but that would be silence in the upcoming years.
2 years after being drafted in the 6th round by the Patriots, a season ending injury to Patriots starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe, put him in action as he then later that year led the New England Patriots to one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history vs the ST. Louis Rams 20-17 with an unlikely last minute drive to give his team the lead with zeros on the clock.
Its been nearly 2 decades since being drafted and he has racked up many stats and holds virtually every postseason record by a quarterback. He also became the 1st and only quarterback with 5 championship wins with 7 appearances on the biggest stage, he is the winning-est player in NFL history and many would argue that he is the greatest player of all time, also among the greatest athletes of any sport.
All the odds he has had to overcome and all the obstacles and doubt he has had to deal with just make his legend even more incredible. He is Tom Brady.


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