Games with a purpose By: Koral and timmy

What are "games with a purpose"?

  • Games with purpose do more than just entertain
  • They can also be games that challenge you and make you think

How are they used?

  • These games are used to help you learn and can also be used to teach you how to do certain things
  • Some examples of games that teach you are game that focus on health, literacy, math, science, social impact skills etc.

Who is the audience?

  • The audience could be children and teens playing the games and people who purchase the games.


An example of a game that focuses on health is called "the Walk"

  • the walk is an adaptive fitness app that helps to establish long-term fitness habits
  • the game begins with a terrorist attack and you have to escape the city and walk the length of the country
  • the app tracks your steps, how long, you've walked for, and rewards you with the adventure to keep moving

An example of a game that focuses on math skills is called "Untrusted"

  • It challenges you to escape from a series of increasingly cryptic puzzle rooms by editing the code that runs the game
  • it contains open-ended designs ending in tons of creative results.

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