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Week 1

Week 2

This is a stand off between two people and somebody filming it, knowing that there is about to be a fight and still filming.
This represents violence on the streets and people filming fights and not helping and being a bystander.
This photo shows how much violence there is in the world right now and people film a lot of the encounters between people and fights and they do not stop filming even when it is very serious and supporting violence.

Week 3

This represents depression because of all the bad things going on in the world today and people wondering if it will ever stop.

Week 4

This is the portrait I did with Jack in the background. I am supposed to be happy but little did I know that I was being watched from a distance.

Week 5

This photo is supposed to represent cyberbullying and people getting picked on online. Cyberbullying happens all the time and many people do not know about it. My photo is black and white to represent sadness because they are being bullied
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