Good life play: The Divine Spark story by Adam Butlien

I only had one picture taken of me at the play so all but one of the pictures are on topic but taken from external sources.

The Spatial Experience

I sat in the middle column towards stage left and about halfway back. This seating allowed me to be close enough to see and hear everything while also being able to get an open perspective of everything. I learned through going to and analyzing everything in this play that there are so many things that go into the background performance. The way that the lights dim not only signals to the audience that the play is about to start. The dimming of the lights seemed to me to be a way for the coordinators to set the mood of seriousness and the need to focus on the topic being presented.

The Social Experience

I felt like this was a good picture for the topic because it shows the way that people seem to be happier in groups. I definitely got more enjoyment out of this play because of the fact that I went with several of my friends. I have gone to plays with my parents before and this time was different for me. I went with people who share my views, likes, and dislikes and therefore, as expected I enjoyed my time and got more out of the play significantly more than in past experiences.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The undercurrents of serious social issues leads the reader to deep introspection as they watch this play. There are subtle but equally strong and moving concepts of antisemitism in the setting location. This leads to controversial issues to be discussed by the group in attendance as well as everyone else in question. I found that I really enjoyed discussing this issue with everyone after the play during the talk back and felt that I really got a lot out of it.

The Emotional Experience

The emotional experience was really a moving one in this play. I felt like this play mirrored several of the themes present in the lectures about theater and Antigone online with the uncomfortable issues regarding antisemitism and discrimination of the poorer individuals of society. I felt as if this led to my katharsis of the already apparent truth that I have similar beliefs to the writer of this play in which the author seeks simply to keep peace and allow as many people as possible to gain success and acceptance in society.


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