Journey to Mars By:Rheanna Gonzales

Who is working on this project?


Where is this project located?

There is no exact location on where it's taking place ,but the people at NASA are doing a lot of research and have sent rovers on Mars to see if it's sustainable for living

What will the the project accomplish? Why?

It will test the entry, descent and landing techniques needed to get to the Martian surface and study what's needed for in-situ resource utilization or "living off the land." NASA is already studying potential "Exploration Zones" on Mars that would offer compelling science research and provide resources our astronauts can use.

When will the project be finished?

They hope for the journey to be finished by 2040 ,they hope to send the first human to Mars in 2030

Interesting Detail

The MAVEN is a spaceprobe of Mars's atmosphere. It turns the atmosphere that was potentially habitable into a barren desert and MAVEN weighs 5,410 pounds (2,454 kilograms) — as much as a fully loaded SUV


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