Indiana Memorial Cup 2017 Funzone

The Yokohama Skills Challenge

While playing in the 2017 Indiana Memorial Cup stop by and take the Yokohama Skills Challenge. Throughout the day the YSC will be available for all players. There will be four skill challenges for players to try to win a medal. Pre-registration is not required. There will be winners for each hour between 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

The four skill areas for players to display their abilities will be: Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, and Juggling.

A player will be limited to one medal for each contest throughout the day. Players may participate as much as they desire however, when they win a medal in a skill they are finished with that specific skill. Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be up for grabs in every age group and gender participating.


Dribbling Challenge: Each participant will be required to dribble a soccer ball through three (3) obstacles as quickly as possible


Each participant will be asked to three soccer balls into 3 pugg goals which are 2.5 feet in size. Participants will be asked to pass with: 1) Right foot, 2) Left foot, 3) Back heel with either foot. If score all three then participant repeats from 5 yards further from original distance


Participants will get the opportunity to shoot 5 times through 5 possible targets. A point is scored for each shot that goes through a target. Try to score in all of the 5 targets.


Participants will receive 2 attempts to juggle and keep the ball in the air without bouncing. The highest number will be recorded.

Attention all Indiana Memorial Cup players: Start practicing now. You can practice at home or ask your coach if at practice the entire team can do a Yokohama Skills Challenge night.

We hope to see all of you at the 2017 Indiana Memorial Cup!


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