Football report Crystal garza 2nd

Origin Of football:

  • Football originated at universities in North America, primarily at United States in the late 19th century
  • It began by associating rugby football being mixed with what we call now actual football

OrigiN of football pt.2

  • American football resulted from several major divergences from association football and rugby football, more notably the rule changes instituted by Walter camp (a Yale university).

How to play football:

  • The offense run plays to move the ball down the field to their end zone to score goals
  • The defense is the section that doesn't have the ball and their goal is to stop offense from passing and scoring

Shape for football:

  • Many of the football workouts consist of many drills that combine with speed, strength, agility and power
  • Many exercises also deal with weights dealing with the upper body

Shape for football pt.2

  • Their drills are basically like soccer ones like stamina and a lot of sprinting.
  • By getting stronger, each day they carry a lot of heavy stuff such ass wheels.

Equipment for football:

  • For protection the players need a helmet and shoulder pads to not prevent injuries concussions
  • The chest protector protects chest from not braking any bones when attacking

Equipment for football pt.2

  • More of the equipment they need to have are any types of pads like upper arm pad, elbow pads, thigh pads, knee pads, hip pads and rib pads
  • They also need cleats, uniform and of course a football

Football rules

  • 1. One running play per three downs
  • 2. 9 downs total to score a touchdown
  • 3. Touchdowns are worth 7 points

Football Rules pt.2

  • 1. Game begins with a punt, ball is started where it lands or is caught
  • 2. Rushers must call out 4 Mississippi

FaMous athletes in football:

  • A most known football player for the patriots is called atom Brady
  • He's ranked for second most consecutive nfl games with a touchdown pass

FamoUs athlete pt.2

  • Justin James aka J.J Watt is a football player in the Texans
  • He's a defense player


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