Bay Of Pigs Invasion By Arden elliott

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an American failed invasion on Cuba. It was put together by the CIA-sponsored group called Brigade 2506 on April 17, 1961. The group was made of Cuban people kicked out of the country after Castro's takeover. They traveled to the U.S after kicked out. It was meant to remove Castro from power.

Cuban Army Loses: 176 killed; 500 and more injured; 6 Cuban aircrafts shot down

Brigade 2506 Loses: 118 killed; 360 wounded; 1,202 captured; 4 bomber aircrafts shot down; 2 supply ships sunk

The reasons this invasion happened were because the cuban government ordered the oil companies to produce crude oil purchased from the Soviet Union. The US controlled those oil companies. So, the companies refused to do that. Castro took the companies away from the owners and nationalized them under state control which made the US cancel imports of Cuban sugar. So, Castro nationalized most US-owned assets on the island which includes banks and sugar mills. Another reason was the sinking of the French vessel, La Cubre. No one knew who was responsible for the sinking, but Castro blamed the United States publicly for the sinking. Other reasons were US prohibited majority of exports not including medicine and some food, private-run businesses were taken control of. On October 25, 166 companies had premises seized and nationalized.

The man in charge of the plans was Richard M Bissell Jr. The first part of the plan was to destroy Castro's small air force. Castro knew about the raid and had already had the planes removed from their spot. Kennedy soon started to have doubts about the plan but it was too late to stop it.\ On April 14, Brigade 2506 set sail from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua at night. On April 15, there was a diversion landing near Baracoa, Oriente Province. On April 16, there was an armed uprising in Las Villas that was staged. On April 17 (invasion day), another diversion landing close to Bahia Honda, Pinar del Rio Province. . There were two men, Blagar and Barbara J. each with their own CIA agent working as an underwater demolition team. There was also five frogmen, a person who swims underwater wearing a rubber suit, flippers, and an oxygen supply, with them and they entered the Bay of Pigs. Brigade 2506 began the invasion at an isolated spot on the island called bay of pigs. Almost right after the invasion started it was already a disaster. There were unexpected coral reefs that sunk Brigade 2506's ships, and backup paratroopers landed in the wrong spot. Shortly after the raid started Osvaldo Ramirez, who was the leader of the royal resistance to Castro, was captured and executed.

Richard M. Bissell Jr.

The failed invasion made the position of Castro's leadership strong. It showed the United States could be defeated. It also made Castro a national hero. It strengthened the relationship between the Soviet Union and Cuba. The failed invasion also embarrassed the Kennedy administration. The invasion became a legacy in Cuba. It paved the way for the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 which made the Soviet Union-Cuba-America tensions even more intense.

The top is John F Kennedy and the bottom is Fidel Castro.

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