Nikon FM. The original workhorse. My workhorse.


A brand associated with quality, style and luxury. The picture displayed above is my "old faithful". Its probably had close on 80 rolls of film through it while its been in my posession - not to mention the previous owner. And not a single repair. The only glitch I've ever picked up is minor to say the least - of the 2880 shots I've taken, I didn't fully wind the leaver while loading a roll of film, so the mechanics of the shutter got stuck. Easy repair though, was working less than a minute later.

The Nikon FM. FM, being "Fully Manual". It is the only series of camera that is still manufactured until this day from Nikon - they're currently on the Nikon FM10. Except what they don't tell you, is that Cosina currently manufactures it. And then Nikon SA wants to whack you R35,000 last I checked - about the same price as 2 x Nikon D7200's. Go figure?

Anyway, this lovely guy has quite a few features - a few that were ENORMOUS at the time, yet which may seem trivial to the modern day DSLR user. It has a self timer of about 10 seconds, a top shutter speed of 1/1000s, bulb mode, a little feature on the back door of the camera where you can put a reminder for yourself about the ASA of the film, standard universal shutter release cable, and thats about that. Also, it can use pre-AI; AI and adapted modern Nikkor lenses.

Huh, nothing great you say? When was the last time you shot above 1/1000s for practical use? (I'm not asking the wildlife or sports photographers here). This camera is a little tank - I've always suspected that if I were to get mugged while I'm carrying it that I could probably severely hurt the guy with the camera as a weapon, and right after I could take a picture of him with the same camera lying on the floor. I'm not hoping to test this theory any time soon though....

And besides, it makes use of Nikkor optics - they produce glass for microscopes, labs, filters, and like probably a large amount of other things as well. Which other company can say that?

Not to mention the classic style of the 70's.

Anyway. Keep your eyes peeled - I have an article for the Pentax K1000, and the Olympus OM-1 planned for the future (all 3 were pretty much direct competitors to the market).


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