Christine Dumont presenter

Christine Dumont, Presenter for the Synergy4 Challenges

Challenging Yourself: This Leaf is for Turning

The Challenges, a feature of the Synergy4 program, have been designed for action-oriented and goal-directed artists, who want to turn a new leaf and share their experience with others. The Challenges invite you to define and achieve a learning goal in advance of the Conference. At the Conference, you will be able to share with fellow Challengers the detail of your journey, your discoveries and results.

How do you set a challenge or learning objective for yourself?

We think a picture is worth a thousand words. Follow along on a visual journey of inspiration and ideas for your challenge!

If your color sense is already well developed, exploring a new technique that shows off your color strength in an exciting way would be a challenge. For a stronger challenge, you may want to work in colors you are usually not attracted to.

Is your work predominately smooth in finish or heavily polished? Perhaps exploring texture would challenge you?

Develop a new strength with your work - set yourself free - work with movement as a challenge!

Do you have a desire to break out of 2-dimensional work? Take the leap to the 3rd dimension and breathe new life into your creativity!

Is there a complementary material that you've always dreamt of exploring and never found the motivation to do so? Now is the perfect time! For example, polished glass or metal are very compatible with polymer and can add a new dimension to your work.

So how do you get started with your challenge?

First, register for the IPCA's Synergy4 Conference at Then CLICK HERE to visit the Synergy4 Challenges Facebook page to get all of the details and to read about what others are doing with their Challenge. Christine Dumont welcomes your questions, sharing and feedback for this special segment of the Synergy4 Conference.

Synergy4 and the Challenges are taking place August 14th, 15th and 16th in Valley Forge, PA at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Valley Forge. Get complete details about this very special polymer event at

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Corliss Rose


Thank you to for use of the striking and sensuous images. Image thanks also go to Bonnie Bishoff for the Shawl pins of polymer and sterling and to 2Roses for the polymer and mixed metal bracelet.

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