The Renaissance Jaydon Trevino

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road really sparked the Renaissance. Without the rich people no workers could be hired so they opened up the Silk Road for trades again and some people got rich off the trades. The trades ran through Europe and the east. The Silk Road was reopened by the Mongols who had just taken over China. That is how the reopening of the Silk Road sparked the Renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci had an amazing life. He was a really good painter, sculptor, and even an engineer. Leonardo had left his notebook filled with inventions, ideas, and blueprints. It hasn't been proven yet whether or not these are legitimate but they are really instesting.

Scroll down a bit to the inventions it just talks about weird stuff at the top.

These are some of his ideas for inventions.


This Video Will Talk About Michelangelo's Paintings

(Does contain nudity)

Paper and Printing (Johann Gutenberg)

The Printing Press was used to print letters using ink and stamps

The printing press allowed writers to print out copies of their novels or books easier. Some writers had write their entire novel or book word for word again so the printing press was a huge help.

Renaissance Writing (William Shakespeare)

Why did so many people like William Shakespeare's writing so much? People enjoyed William's writing because it was in English and many people could read it. "William Shakespeare the greatest writer in the English language" (Holt 316). William wrote in English and many people read his books and novels. How did William Shakespeare reflect ideas of humanism? William used his writing to reflect ideas to show humanism. William showed humanism in his writing because people wanted to see the value and potential of all the people in his writings. That is what William Shakespeare did through writing.

"To be or not to be, that is the real question." (Hamlet)

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