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My first travel journey to Europe started with four whirlwind days in London, England in the spring. Dear friends of mine whisked me around to see as many sights as possible. I wrote a blog that includes quite a few travel photos from London. But I had more photos to share! So here are some of the outtakes.
I expected red double decker buses, and the Royal Mail red caught my eye too.
London's storied history is evident everywhere. I just loved that important locations and historical events were so obvious.
Brick rowhouses, lots of chimneys, rustic & intriguing door knockers. So different than in Canada!
Hammersmith Bridge, The River Thames

My pre-conceived notion of an English Pub didn't include this type of scene... a genteel woman enjoying some quiet moments alone on a sunny spring day in London. Back in Canada, our pubs are usually quite dark and boisterous most times of the day.

Save for the signage that hints at the London locale, this outdoor street cafe scene looks similar to a North American cafe on a sunny spring day.
Spring was evident everywhere in London. Flowers are so plentiful! I was captivated by all of the street vendors who sold cut flowers by the dozens. And the cherry blossoms are as beautiful in London as they are where I live, in Vancouver, Canada.

Harrods, the venerable, luxury department store in Knightsbridge didn't disappoint! Even the outdoor window signage spoke volumes. As did the uniformed doormen.

And oh... Harrods Food Hall was like a playground for a food photographer! I honestly could have spent hours and hours there, exploring all of the luxury food items, chatting with the employees, and watching people. Such fun!

The affluent and exclusive Knightsbridge neighbourhood is home to Harrods and many other high-end retail shops and restaurants.

Many international well-to-do residents live in Knightsbridge, and they mingle with tourists in the must-see shops.

Perhaps they are looking to buy some perfume, such as the Bond No. 9 that these young "Bond Boys" were sampling at Harrods Perfumery the day I visited.

Or maybe they are on a mother-daughter shopping expedition to many of the tony shops in the neighbourhood.

The iconic British red telephone booth is fun to spot and capture!
Fortnum & Mason is another traditional, luxury department store in London. I'm not much of a shopper, but I was captivated by their staircases and other architectural details.
Enjoying some tea samples at Fortnum & Mason

Central London is home to many well-known historic treasures, such as the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly Circus, The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, and Admiralty Arch leading to The Mall. So many travel photos to see and capture!

Youngsters are captivated by a street performer in London's Trafalgar Square
I really wanted to see "10 Downing Street" since it's a phrase I've heard in the media and movies since I was a kid. I must admit, I was sorely disappointed to find this scene when we arrived.
Barricades and a heavy police presence at 10 Downing Street. A sad state of political affairs, in my opinion.

But this next photo cheered me up :)

Next up on our sightseeing trip through Central London was a deeper dive into Westminster, the bustling government area near Buckingham Palace and flanking The River Thames. Big Ben and the London Eye have become global iconic symbols of London. And The Shard and Tower Bridge are pretty impressive too!
Heading "home" after a long day of sight seeing. I just loved the soft late-afternoon light shining on the streets of London.
Mind the gap! The London Underground (or The Tube) is a really efficient way to get around the big metropolis.

I had a "eureka moment" in the underground... this is where the term "subway tiles" came from!

London abounds with museums and galleries and historical monuments. The architecture is stunning, and the history is deep. There is simply too much to see and capture in a short few days there. Here are some things that captured my photographic eye as I wandered with my camera and my friends through London's West End.
At first glance you may wonder... why this shot? Well, if you're a David Bowie fan, google the cover art for his album "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars", and you should recognize the Heddon Street building in the background! Cool!
Enjoying a cappuccino while learning about the history of Bowie's famous pose in front of 23 Heddon Street, London. Construction scaffolding obscured the actual doorway, unfortunately, but we sat and chatted about Bowie and other 70s rockers, for some time.
It's a quick walk from Heddon Street to Carnaby Street, a shopper's playground, in Soho. We visited Liberty London, which Google Maps describes as a "fashion lovers department store". And I would have to agree. It's a very old, historical building and it's filled with (high-priced) fashions and accessories. Just look at the price of a silk scarf! Not for the faint of heart, or budget-wise traveller, like me. But pretty to look at and touch.

Carnaby Street, Soho, London

Gulp...look at the price of a silk scarf!?

Luxury brands available at Liberty London
I'm a fan of the "quirky" things in life. So my friends said, "You've got to go to Camden Town". And I'm so glad we did!
And now for a couple of parting shots, showing old-school stairways in a London Underground station and the shiny new escalators in another station. Progress.
If there's anything to be said about London, its progress through history is evident and captivating!

Thank you for viewing my @AdobeSpark slideshow.

To see more of my travel photos from London, check out my blog.

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