Keira Chapter 11 vocab

Non-contact force

A force that acts at a,distance

If you have put a magnet on a sting and let it try to touch another magnet that is non-contact force.


A push or a pull that acts on an object

If you have ever pushes something then you are using force.


The force of attraction between any two objects

Sometimes we hate gravity because it pulls stuff down.

Contact force

A force that requires two pieces of matter to touch

When I watch racing the crew has to use Contact force.


A rate at which the speed or direction of motion of an object changes over time

I saw my dad skee and that is what I saw nothing but a lot of him moving fast.


The force that results when two materials rub against each other or when their contact prevents sliding

Without fristion you could not walk on a base ball field.


Simple machine made of one or two inclined planes

One of these simple machines is a stirring weak that makes driving a lot easier.


Simple machine consisting of a rope or cable that runs around a groove wheel

In roller coasters that is what they used to use.


The tendency of an object to resist any change in motion


Simple machine consisting of a smooth cylinder with a tiny inclined plane whrapped around it

We need a screw for our new horse painting.

Well and axle

Simple machine made up of a circular object attached to a bar

Praise the Lord we have weals and axles for our cars.

Simple machine

A machine made up of two or more parts

Me and my dad like to use simple machines like a nut cracker

Incline plane

Simple Michener consisting. Of a flat surface with one end higher that the other

You can see inclined planes on a moving truck or on a car that you donate big stuff in


A simple machine in witch a bar moves around a fixed point called fulcrum

The lever opened up the door when we pulled it.

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