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My inspiration comes from a number of unique sources such as dreams, music, movies and mostly from the intent observations. I believe that everyone’s action hold a hidden meaning or carries a secrets message which is often time overlooked. Therefore when an opportunity, I share these photos hoping people see what I see. I sometimes come up with ideas which turns out amazing during my free time spent along, I sit for long hours pounding over ‘what could be’. I derive brilliant ideas from imagination as well. My wild imagination allows me create intriguing scenarios to produce fine imagery which are relatable through the art of photography.



How I wonder how woefully the world system of protection has failed us. Many people revert to his new rules hence named him novel pandemic. Novel corona virus, how novel are you that you left the novelists in numb without a novel predicting your arrival? Once upon a year ago, the world had lived sweet life like the fragrance from the olive tree and merry making was the norms. Now see what you have caused us? I can’t sit here to tell of all your subjugating rules that denigrate the essential part of the human life. I have seen and heard how cruelly and callously you set apart couples that once had their honeymoon on the moon and stars and thrive the ocean for love. I have seen how you sparked fear between lovebirds with your novel reprehensive rules: Social distancing, frequent hand washing, no hand shake, no hugging, no kissing in case you have the lip for your interest.

So soon our lives have gradually depleted from social relevance to self-defense and fear for the very sole souls we had love all along till you knocked our rusty doors unaware.

I am personally amazed at how well you have silent the advocates of human right and implemented your tyrant rules over the world. You are determine to siphoned from our nectar ; if we humans have ever had one, the juicy liquor to get your parochial self drunk to stupor.

We now greet our paramours with legs and elbows. We now talk with our mouths covered as though we are deficient of tooth decay. I have realized how more wicked you have been in your reign to have made it uneasy for us to breath freely the breath we have without bill.

I am not surprised you're the artefact of the scientific artistes. You're only doing the biddings of your pay masters without their control even.

It hurts me to the core and crust to see my families and cronies yet can't approach them. Good friends are now like acquaintances. But one thing is certain that I know of: no condition is permanent. writer: Patrickakpese.


I have seen it many times when it became very difficult for the Africa youth to maintain a focus and follow the trend. The challenges we are faced with a daily basis taught us how to find solutions our own way and not following the direction of the masses. Tell us our way and we do it to the best of the world we are not the same not because we are young and black but because we believe in our heritage. writer: Patrickakpese.


I sat in solitude as I explore and pontificate on the mixed feelings in an atmosphere created by the global pandemic, I was caught in memories of the old saying " The last man dies when the last tree falls"

Humanity has far advanced and the environment has suffered the consequence of such developments. As I ponder on the interdependency between humans and plants I feel that day will come when trees shall tell humans what the harm they're causing to themselves.

The free air has gradually turned poisonous yet man still will not learn. Great rivers and streams of repute in their nature has lost their beauty and now reduced to dry lands, yet I still see man living with no regards to the necessity of life.

I see my many roofs stripped off by winds that could simply be prevented by trees, yet the heart of humanity remained darkened even in their enlightenment.

So I asked myself, what else will make man realize the vital role of trees in their life?

What aches my heart the most is that this phenomenon taken its pervasive turn in my mother land, Africa.

Even the gods of purity are left to the mercy of sun. The danger of global warming has rather become the tune of Kwaku Ananse and the very victims dance to their death rhythms in merry .

I can't angry better than to side with Jonathan Chapman when he said

Nothing gives more yet asks less in return, than a tree; particularly the apple.

When the last man shall die, blame not the last devil but the last man. writer: Patrickakpese.


Once I journeyed somewhere in my birth land Ghana, relaxing at the shores of James town, a fishing community was these fascinating scene of children going about the business of the shore; swimming. It caught my attention on what becomes the future of these children who see nothing but off shore, the boat and the sea. It has become their reality to take up from the aging parents till they also become patrons of the sea. What I see isn’t the absence of hope but absence of opportunities. How can these children someday compete with their mates elsewhere on the same global platform? A helping hand is all they need to separate them from this distant dream of the boat and the sea. writer: Patrickakpese.


In my part of the world and observation from the world at large I realized it is not easy to give back to society where there is insatiable thirst for many and many gets to its unending point. But one thing is certain as I ponder over the demand of nature for appreciation .

Sacrifice can only be fulfilled if the receiver acknowledges it and return its equivalent measure. The African though in the records of history from the old age notable for abject penury understands the need to give back to nature. We call it worship. We don't give back to God a time that we desire, the African don't present back to God out of abundance and wickedness. I dare to say the black Abel sacrificed as an African. The joy untold I see in the black man for sacrifice to God isn't because they're uncivilized, or being too religious but the reflection of the true nature of God. They are not crazy but careful.

I see a continent of people willing to survive writer: Patrickakpese.



Kojo anim is a Ghanaian based conceptual photographer. His photography brings to life and represents the overlooked Ghanaian culture in both simplicity and complexity forms. His inspiration comes from spending time alone and the keen observation of the day today activities of various people in Ghana.

‘‘ I am a dreamer so I mostly dream of a world where people accepts diversity and a culture of their own. Through photography, I let you into my dreams’’

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Many myths were told to unravel the believe surrounding the existence of creature like this in some parts of our world; Africa. I was told once I desire to know: they are spirits, to some they’re abomination. In the world today they are just one of the many gifts of nature. Twins are not abomination neither are they objects for sacrifice as the it was case in the day of our ancestors. In our world today many wish they could have twins in their homes. Their fortunes cannot be undermined. They are humans like anyone else, they’re not children of a lesser god. As beautiful as the fruit, so are they the fruit of a beautiful womb.writer: Patrickakpese


Growing up as a young African I took some time to pontificate on the journey of life in this part of our world; Africa. I realized the journey is as tough as the sun that first greets you at birth. It is a journey that sees everyone saddle his or her boat ashore amidst the tempest of life. It’s is that journey we see from afar with glittering stars awaiting but with no hope of meeting the eye. This journey of life to the young African is like the battle of the fittest and only the strong are surviving. It seemed so impossible like escaping from the sharp claws of the eagle. But the journey continues until the uncertain end there is no end. The journey of the African is not about giving him aid but teaching him how to make aid and give aid. We are the young stars of the world with greater hopes. Until the journey ends we see no end writer: Patrickakpese.


The joy I see in a black African and a black everywhere isn't defined by the abundance of wealth surrounding him or her. I realized that joy is a deliberate inbuilt state of the mind and conditioning of your heart towards a desirable moment, which sometimes may not be seen by others around you.

Seeing and perceiving the reflection of what we desire for alone can make the joy of the black complete and that is the black faith.

The future, I see and set in motion can be felt even in today, when I look at the trail from behind and the spot today, I know the distance to the future is an inch and not kilometers. The laughter of the young African is for the future he can create and not the mirage of a world with flowing honey and milk where there is no place for the black.

What I see anytime I close my eyes can and will always make me burst into laughter I can't control because I am success in motion, perceived and felt in today.


Not until I come to the point where the local proverb that says one tree cannot form a forest I will always believe that life is an individual affairs. I see something in the African tradition, worth sharing and cheering. The African believe that no man is an island albeit the believe of the Islanders themselves. Interdependence is the common bond of every African strength. Embedded in our culture is the chain of common destiny with common fate. I rallied behind the African with a common battle: pursuit of survival, unity, love and reliance.

I once asked a friend how best he could describe the interdependence of Africans and he said " it is like thousands of bodies with one soul, one breath, and one mind"

I see through the gates and windows of African one people, different geographical locations but together as Africans and as close as members of the same body. We fight the pain of a fellow black, touching one of us means touching the entire black love, not race. We are In this journey with one vehicle and one traitor.

We are blacks, with common love and destiny. writer: Patrickakpese.


Sitting from and observing from the place of experience, I realized that the hand of the oppressor is still on the eyes of the black man. The eye I know, is the window for light and light the origin of vision. I see the African leader sees nothing in the counsel of the westerners. Even by the their location in the counsel, it is the prove of no vision.

What happens to you when the one who pushed a speck into your eyes and even in possession of more is the one trying to remove a speck from your eye? That is the plight of African leaders. It only means "don't try to look". Anytime Africa try doing something unifying and profitable without the Neo colonialists, then a conference will be arranged either in Europe , Asia or somewhere in the snows where the the black eye sees nothing but merry without pain.

Beneath the table where the African leaders hold their separate conference is graced with the scrums as scanty as their vision so they have no option than to cut each other in short and long sleeves while on the main table really is abundance of honey and milk yet to the Africa leaders the theme of the conference remains " DON'T TRY TO LOOK"

News of a prosperous Africa means a threat to them. What I see bedeviling the black man is more than the mouth can say. Even when a treasure is found in our own pocket we are prevented not see it or we are told it is dangerous for our survival, still don't try to look.

But I am confident that soon and now the blind will see again and the hand of the oppressor be removed and we try looking but we'll really and clearly look and move in many steps. writer: Patrickakpese.



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