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Main event- The silk road was a network of trade routes that god various items from Asia to the east and west and vise verse. The items traded were a wide variety of spices to ivory and gold, wood, and wool along with the most obvious silk. It all started with Marco Polo which was a merchant traveler that noted down his journey in a book (Wonders of the World).

3 causes of the silk road

  • Since the silk worm was discovered this made the new silk fabric a highly requested item. The previous materials worn wool, linen, burlap, and hemp, were often very uncomfortable causing people to find new fabric materials. Silk, once it caught on, was only for the higher class or "rich" people of the time as it was very expensive. This material later spread from its original origin (China) along the newly made trade route.
  • Newly made fabrics caused them to be a highly wanted item. The material before silk were all previously stated. The new fabrics caused new routes to be made and caused the silk road to be made.
  • Trade is becoming a very popular thing around this time. New materials are making their way to new places causing new routes to be made. There wasn't a route connecting Roam and China until the silk road came along.

3 effects of the silk road

  1. Trade is made way easier between china and the east/west. Monopoly was a very popular thing since money for the lower class was very scares. So once you have something you want to be the only one selling it along with making money off of it.
  2. Trade between countries start because of the different items people were looking for/trading. This made more connections between countries that otherwise would have never had a connection.
  3. Spice is brought into China and silk into Rome along with multiple other items that other countries did not have but highly wanted. The silk road brought spices to people that would have otherwise had to eat their rotten meat with no flavor. Along with silk never being brought into multiple countries not just Rome.
Main event- Brazil and Caribbean mostly crops. The small islands weren't always massive sugar plantations many different causes made them into what they were. They also had major effects on the life spans of the people, the lifestyles and the treatment of humans.

3 causes of the Caribbean being mostly crops

  1. Europe was "addicted" to sugar making it in high demand. Sugar was a rare commodity around this time period so when someone had a supply of it people were willing to do anything to get it.
  2. Tropics perfect for growing sugar so it leads to all that land turned into plantations that I will talk about more in effects.
  3. Main raw material traded around was sugar, everyone wanted it at this time causing a higher amount of crops in the Brazil and Caribbean area.

3 of the effects of the Caribbean being mostly crop land
  • Tooth decay/death from blood poisoning was a very common thing since sugar was becoming more popular in all social classes. In previous times it was rare for even royalty to have sugar but now since there is a huge amount of land turned into sugar plantations sugar is everywhere. This caused tooth decay and abscesses to rise from 14% to 48% if not more depending on how much sugar was in the diet.
  • Indian death numbers significantly rise since they were used as slaves. They were forced to farm the sugar plantations which was very brutal and tole taking work along with the various diseases that rampaged their population. This also lead to Spanish and Portuguese importing slaves from Africa which cause a whole other problem for the future generations in American and a few other places.
  • Since sugar was in such high demand all of the available land was turned into sugar plantations. Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Barbados and the Caribbean were all turned nearly entirely into huge sugar plantations with Encomienda systems.
Main event- The printing press was a machine created to make a mass amount of books in a shorter period of time than hand writing them. The printing press lead to many of the new technology's that we have today.

3 causes of the printing press

  • People were learning to read causing more books needing to be printed. Books originally were very rare even for royalty. Since more people were learning to read it lead to the printing press to be made and multiple books to be printed at once when the previous it too twice as long to make one book.
  • Explorers wrote their journeys in books making the population curious along with book sales to go up. The population read more to be able to go on some of the journeys they read about in the books.
  • Easier way to make mass amounts of books. Before you could only hand write one book at a time, now with the printing press you can make multiples of the same page and save them till you've made the entire books content then piece together multiple copies of the same book.

3 effects of the printing press

  1. People read more was one of the major effects of the printing press. The bible was printed making more people learn to read so that they could study the bible without a priest translating the words to the people.
  2. Caused the revolt against the church since like I previously stated. People were finding out that what the priests were saying was not true making the population of people more likely to learn how to read. This all way down the line lead to the Renaissance and humanism which is the reason why people challenged the church and walked away.
  3. The printing press is the start of all the new technology we have today. If mass amounts of books were never made people would have never learned to read and people wouldn't of studied science along with other subjects that lead to experiments and discoveries. Without all of those, we wouldn't even have the light bulb or refrigeration.

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