RUN @ YOUR BEST! Learn to run and uniquely understand your body A Special Offer For Runners Or Wannabe Runners

Morgan Deegan has spent years developing her expertise with running assessments and running injuries. She has competed in running and triathlons over a 20 year period, including completing the famous Comrades Marathon in South Africa, alongside six Ironman Triathlons and multiple Marathons.

As an experienced Physiotherapist, she has been frustrated at the “treat and dump” approach that is so widely accepted, where clients attend only after they are already injured, and the focus is on patching a gaping wound rather than tweaking imperfections before they must limit training load.

She wanted to help create a better experience for her clients; where they can truly start to understand their own body... And how to use this knowledge to get the best from their run training to have more fun!

  • Better technique :-)
  • Learn about your body (every runner is unique and you have to play to your strengths!)
  • Have confidence with your training program
  • Efficiency! Running isn't meant to be hard!
"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

Morgan has now enhanced her model of treatment for runners, so you can Run @ Your Best!

Session One involves a running assessment... Check it out below:

The running assessment is completed using a camera and software to analyse your gait pattern and highlight issues that may restricting your performance or contributing to injury. Below are some videos on what we look for.

Following the running assessment, specific physical tests are completed relevant to your symptoms. You leave session One with a small number of specific exercises designed to get the very best from your body, along with some simple cues to improve your natural running style. No more grinding away with generic exercises!

Enjoy this special deal for a limited time only

Session two involves progressing your program and setting you up for long term success.

Here we discuss training volume and long term planning with your program, specific to your running goals. This session is highly variable depending on your goals!

Email Morgs for further info: Morgan@physioandfitnessclinic.com.au
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Morgan Louise Deegan

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