My name is Delia McGarry I came from Ireland to America. Coming to America was a hard trip I came with my sister Ann and mom Caroline I was the youngest. I was sick most of the time and really wanted to get to our destination. We were luckily in first class. We had saved up a lot of money. My brother and father came before us and they were not in first class. They had a much harder trip than us. When I first saw the Statue Of Liberty my mom was crying and my sister too. I did not understand why they were. I was only twelve and just wanted to be off the ship. Now 62 years later I am living with my 3 sons and 2 daughters in Boston, Massachusetts. Looking back now I see why my mom and sister were crying when we got here and If I was older I would have probably cried too.

This is a map of Ireland

This is the Irish flag, I am originally from Ireland

The Statue Of Liberty was the first thing I saw when I came to America. Its seven rays stand for the seven continents and seven seas, she holds up a torch which stands for liberty, It was a gift from France, and her tablet says July 4, 1776 in Roman numerals.

My favorite things about the Ellis Island Web quest was...

  1. Looking at the 10 stops
  2. Writing my Ellis Island trip
  3. Doing the Brain Pop


Ellis Island Interactive Tour, BrainPopJr Statue of Liberty, Google Images


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