Chapter 12, Less 1

1) Franklin D.Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin came to talk about Europe's future after the war

2) The Allies finally agreed to divide Germany into four zones, each run by an Allied power: the United State, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and France

3) On April 12, 194, President Roosevelt died suddenly. Vice President Harry S. Truman took office

4) On June 26 in San Francisco, California, 50 nations held the first meeting of the United Nation

5) Stalin set up Communist governments and kept Soviet forces in Eastern Europe. There were no free elections

6)In 1946 Churchill said that an iron curtain had come down on Europe

7) In March, Truman asked Congress for money to help aid Greece and Turkey

8) A few months later, U.S Secretary of State Geogre Marshall came up with the a plan to aid Western Europe

9) From 1948 to 1951, the Marshall Plan pumped $13 billion worth of supplies, machinery, and food in Western Europe

10) On June 7, 1948, The US, Britain, and Frace announced a plan

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