Nature Activity at FLMNH By: brett heggie

Nature on display

The senses display in the butterfly garden was a display that really caught my attention and interested me due to the interesting facts that it included. For example, the display says that "Butterflies and moths have better color vision, hearing, smell, taste,and even touch perception than humans" this fact alone really surprised me because i would have never thought that a butterfly would have better color vision than a human. Another interesting fact was that butterflies can taste by touch, the receptors on their feet and antennae allow them to taste potential food to lay eggs on. What i found most enjoyable while at the museum was learning and seeing that i didn't know or have seen before in my life. I learned from the exhibit that butterflies have a better and improved perception on the earth do to their " 1,000 eyes working together.

Nature and ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest provided me the opportunity to really appreciate and admire nature and all that comes with it. The many butterflies and the well kept forest really made me sit back and soak it all in. Beautiful is the word i would use to describe the Butterfly Rainforest due to the combinations of the natural features and the wide variety of butterflies that are provided in the rainforest. I felt as if i was in a whole other world when i stepped in the rainforest, an environment that was free of any harm or fear and carried a sense of tranquility. I could see others eyes glow up while in the forrest like it almost gave them a sense of happiness. The Butterfly Rainforest allows visitors of the museum connect with nature by making it possible to step out into a very environmental area that captures your heart and mind and makes you almost wonder what it feels like to fly above flowers and play tag with the other butterflies. The Rainforest makes me have an ethical responsibility to do what i can to help the environment improve so that beautiful things like butterflies can be happy and healthy!

Nature and the Human spirit

The museum allowed me to step out of my ordinary life and all the responsibilities that come with it and allowed me to relax and focus on the little things in life that can put a smile on someones face. The museum allows us to express a side of our feelings that we might not have ever knew we had. For example, even an old grumpy guy who hasn't smiled since 1980 cannot step foot in that forest and not have a smile on his face and a heart full of joy, thats just the effect the forest has on people, at least for me it did. The museum allowed me to better appreciate the beautiful qualities of this world and makes me also wonder how a place can be so breath taking.

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