Idea 1;I think only caring and responsible brave and smart people can change the world for example Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion for a hospital.

Idea 2;If you can change the world change it (vision)

Idea 3;You don't have to be rich to change the world for example Amy Schumer wasn't really rich but she change the world an example (Courage)

Idea 4;For someone to change the world they need risk.(vision)

idea 5;Support animal welfare. All life should be appreciated if humanity is to step forward in our pursuit for a better society. Spend time supporting animal rights, volunteer at your local shelter, or donate to an organization for animal welfare. Keep in mind that most animal suffering happens to farm animals, not pets. Most people forget this, since they can't see the animals they eat. Consider going vegetarian - it's healthier, helps the environment, reduces animal suffering and might actually be cheaper! If you can't imagine being vegetarian, eating less meat also works. Remember, it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing decision.

This is someone who's volunteering to help a dog.
This is someone volunteering help a cat.

helping youre planet become a healthy planet; It's not something only hippies do! Anyone can recycle, and these days just about anything can be recycled—from newspapers and plastic, to computers and old mobile (cell) phones. Encourage your school or workplace to recycle and to use recycled products.

This is a really good choice he is putting garbage whith garbage box`s with box`s and recycling stuff with recycling stuff.

Stop driving everywhere! You probably already know that vehicle emissions are bad for the planet. What you may not know is how you can reduce your emissions: Start walking to nearby places. Use public transportation whenever possible. You can also do things like riding a bike to work instead of taking a car. If you need to use a car, consider purchasing one which uses a mix of electricity (a renewable energy source) and gas or only electricity.

That's a really good choice he's riding a Bicycle not a car.

you can help others by "paying it forward." Simply do something nice for 3 people (or, preferably, more and with no limit) without being asked, and in return, tell them to do the same to 3 more people. And so on and so on. Imagine if everyone followed through with this and what kind of world it would be!

This picture that is talking about 2 people fighting and after someone came and stopped them and fixed the problem.

.It`s a video talking about how Nelson Mandela change the world and some supporting evidence and a video.

This is a video

The question;what do you think it takes to change the world

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!


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