Week four has been a strange one. Mrs Butler is isolating at home so she has been teaching the class via Microsoft Teams while Mrs Harrison has been supporting in class. The children have handled the change amazingly well. They have continued to be engaged and enthusiastic about their learning, and they have produced some impressive work. We are lucky to have such fantastic children in Year 2!

Our work in English this half term has been inspired by the story 'Julian is a Mermaid', written by Jessica Love. The book has strong themes of acceptance, being yourself and following your dreams. We have loved looking at the beautiful illustrations in detail, making inferences and predicting what might happen next.

At the end of the story, Julian and his nana go to a carnival where everyone is dressed up. Everyone is able to be whoever or whatever they want, without judgement. Julian is at his happiest at this point in the story.

We learned what a carnival is and watched a video about the huge carnival that happens in Rio de Janeiro every year. We talked about what we would be if we went to a carnival, and then we danced to some cool carnival music that had a really funky beat. We danced like no one was watching and imagined we were all different kinds of creatures!

This inspired some great poetry writing from the children. They aren't finished, but here is a sneak-peak!

In art, we learned about an artist called Michael Anthony Simon. He creates sculptures with actual spider's webs! He was in Korea when he had the idea after discovering the intricate webs spun by the Nephila Clavata spider. He catches the spiders and takes them back to his studio where he sets up some plastic poles and waits for them to spin their webs. Once the spiders have finished, he returns them to their natural habitat. He strengthens the webs with a lacquer spray and colours them. We thought this was really cool!

We created some colourful spider's web art of our own.

🤩 Our stars this week! 🤩