hail by wyatt

What is a hail storm?

  1. Ice,hail and sleet are kinds of solid water.They fall as ice and melt when it gets hot out.Ice hail and sleet make every thing icey and dangerous.

how is hail formed

hail,sleet and ice can form when the wind sucks up to the clouds.It sucks the hailstone and spins it in the air while water is raining on the hailstone the water freezes and makes a bigger hailstone and when the wind gives up the hailstone falls.

how long does it last

Hail lasts at lest one day or less. The ground is all wet when it's dun.

how powerful can they be

It can come down 50 to 60 miles an hour and kill some one.

Where does it happen

It usually happens where it is raining and when the rain falls to hard it hails.

Interesting facts

  • The biggest hailstone in the united states was 18 inches and 2 pounds.
  • Florida has the most hail storms.
  • Hail fall at a m/s


  1. sleet a ball of ice smaller than hail hg
  2. dangerous it's hertful
  3. hailstone a ball of ice
  4. hail a ball of rain that frezzes
  5. united states the country you live in

The end


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